Celtic Solstice, Clue 3


I didn’t get many of the Clue 3 pinwheels done, but there are a few in the stack. Along with the stacks of the units I’ve got finished from Clues 1 and 2. Initially I thought I’d do the pinwheels and HSTs from Clue 3 by machine, but I’ve figured out a way to hand piece them quickly – almost chain piecing for hand piecers – and I’m really enjoying doing them by hand. I had the HSTs for Clue 3 printed in a matter of a few minutes and got started as soon as I did.


Each of the finished units has been pressed and the seams are graded.


I couldn’t resist laying out some of the units from Clues 1 and 2 with the pinwheel block, trying to guess what the finished quilt might look like. I’m sure I’m wrong, but I rather like this look.


All the shapes for Clues 1, 2 and 3 are now printed, cut out and ready to stitch. I had to move them from the little box to this larger project box. I need to do a fair bit of stitching this week and try to get at least one of the clues finished – possibly Clue 3 or Clue 1. Clue 2 is so much fun to stitch that I don’t want to rush to finish it. Baxter was prowling around, trying to see what we were photographing in the box.


The kitties and little alien have left the cottage and are now in the city preparing to decorate the Christmas tree. I think some friends will be teleporting in to join in the fun.


Jake definitely has a favourite spot and loves to curl up with some teddy bear friends.


Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Where’s the food?”

To see what everyone else has done, go to Bonnie’s link-up post.

8 thoughts on “Celtic Solstice, Clue 3

  1. Those clues are quite interesting, aren’t they? I’m curious to see the next step! And I’m curious, too, to see an alien Christmas tree……Alienmas? Two lovely pics of your handsome boys today.


  2. Beautiful colors for your celtic solstice blocks. The nice spring colors will help you get through winter 🙂 Tell Mr. Q.O. that I am anxiously awaiting the decorating of the tree. I love Baxter’s shadow with his ear tufts!


  3. I love the yellows! Makes me think of summer sunshine, which is a lovely thought this time of year. I’m excited about seeing the finished quilt. Are you going to post pictures of your ‘chain-piecing for hand sewing’? I like hand-sewing, but haven’t gotten to anything like a quilt yet. Just now I’m in the midst of a large Fair Isle style knitted cardigan and am determined to complete it. I have many dozens of UFOs, which is why I say ‘determined’ lol. I love your work and seeing your posts in my FeedReader always brightens my day. ~ Linne


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