Parallelogram Stars


There’s a new star quilt in my future. And it will be made up of stars just like these. In a whole variety of colours. Aren’t these fun? Can you imagine what will happen at the intersections when four blocks are joined? I love it when secondary patterns show up when blocks are joined.


Seams graded and the block pressed. The block finishes at 6″. It’s a pretty quick block to stitch.

When the Inklingo collection for the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt came out, I was immediately attracted to the parallelograms and had to play. And those stars were the result. I have other ideas for the parallelograms too, but I think I’m going to stick with these stars for a little while. And pick out more fabric combinations to make at least enough for a lap quilt.


I have all the shapes ready for two more of the green stars and then I’m going to start choosing colour combinations to make others.


“Parallel Universes.” Mr. Q.O. really surprised me with this one.


Baxter and Jake are becoming better and better friends. Last night Jake decided to give Baxter’s ear a bath that lasted for quite some time. This was taken just before Jake started washing Baxter’s ear. We were both holding our breath, watching this, wondering how Baxter would react. He didn’t object. In fact, we think he liked it.

7 thoughts on “Parallelogram Stars

  1. I LOVE those stars! A great pattern with pinwheel corners??
    I think Mr. Q.O. is out there with the aliens with this one! LOL!
    Looks like Jake is a real caretaker and so nice that he’s bonding so fast with Baxter. Both will benefit from having each other!


  2. I like these stars, Cathi. Will look forward to seeing more of them. In the meantime, Jake and Baxter appear to be falling in love!


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