Little Units


I thought that perhaps I’d do a few more of these little units before the next clue comes out Friday for the Celtic Solstice quilt. I may do a few more of them tonight. These units are fun to stitch by hand as there’s the possibility of continuous stitching without breaking the thread. Perfect mindless stitching for an evening when the kitty antics kept distracting me!


It only takes a second to press each of the little units. I’ve not graded the seams yet, but will probably start doing that tonight.


“Alien Sonic Spa.” I think one little red kitten might have preferred to have a spa experience that involved water, and perhaps Baxter would have as well.


Jake has discovered the toy basket. And as fast as we put the toys in the basket, he has them back out. It’s so funny to watch him finding a new-to-him toy. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “Mine, All Mine!”


Baxter and Jake are getting along so well it’s unbelievable. They both instigate the kitty chases. Their antics truly are a delight to watch.

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