Chevron Units


Putting these little 3″ chevron units together is one of those things in quilting that makes me smile. They’re just fun to put together and they turn out so perfectly every time!

As soon as Clue 2 to the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt came out, I was quickly printing some sheets of the shapes and was piecing them in just a few minutes. I’m hand piecing them, following Linda’s instructions for Clue 2 of Celtic Solstice. The instructions Linda gives for piecing these are absolutely brilliant and make the little chevron units nothing but fun to stitch. The one sheet to print and keep nearby while stitching is invaluable!

While I’m sure the instructions are meant for machine piecing, I am finding that they’re just as fabulous for hand piecing – if one can think of hand piecing as chain piecing, that’s what I’m doing with the little chevron units. I got 10 of them made in next to no time.


Through the week I also added to the stack of units from Clue 1 and have about 25 of each made so far. They’re very quick to stitch. In fact, I timed myself last night and had 8 of them put together in just under an hour.


All the seams are graded and the little units are pressed. I’m certainly not keeping up with those who are getting everything done from each clue the week it comes out, but I’m enjoying working on these at my own pace. And playing with the parallelogram which I was doing last week as, as I was absolutely captivated by that shape as soon as I saw the shapes in the Inklingo Celtic Solstice collection. The parallelogram stars I showed last week have really captured my imagination – so much so that I think I have a whole new quilt planned with some variations to what I’ve done with them so far.


“Coming Soon … Chevrons.”


Jake has found a spot to curl up on a quilt that’s in the process of being worked on.


Baxter really knows how to relax.

To see how everyone else is doing on the Celtic Solstice mystery, go here to Bonnie’s link-up post.

6 thoughts on “Chevron Units

  1. Looks like Baxter overdid it on the catnip! My Cocoa loves catnip. I threw some cuttings off my container plant of catnip and it grew in the garden – he loves to bite it and roll in it. Then he comes in for a drugged out nap.


  2. I love that you chose different colors and look forward to seeing how different your Celtic Solstice quilt will turn out. I was not brave enough to choose different colors.


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