Tiny Stars


It seems like it’s been ages since I worked on something really tiny. So out came the .50″ black and white diamonds and I made a few of the miniature stars. I printed these shapes a few years ago and now don’t even remember how many I’ve got ready to make, but I know it’s quite a few.


They go together very quickly. It takes only a minute to grade the seams and then press the little stars. They will definitely end up as a little doll quilt.


“Jake’s Introduction to Baseball.”


Jake and Baxter were sharing the loveseat with Raggedy Ann and a teddy bear.

5 thoughts on “Tiny Stars

  1. Goodness! No wonder you say Jake is little. Next to Baxter, he looks like a little kitten!
    Those tiny blocks fascinate me. The smallest quilt I’ve made is 6″ x 8″ and the blocks were teeny tiny. I did it all by machine. I think I’ll have to do another as I remember it as being lots of fun.


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