80 More Stars


That’s what the little stacks here represent – all the pieces needed for 80 more of the little black and white stars. Baxter was very interested in those little stacks of shapes so we had to take the photo quickly so I could get them put away before some of the bits got carted off.

I spent a while last night sorting out exactly what I had and that is, so far, what I’ve got printed. I may print a few more sets of shapes on some white fabrics as I have quite a few sets of black shapes left over. But 80 stars should keep me occupied for a while. And I think I’ve already got about 15 more of them done. That’s another thing I’ve got to get sorted out and figure out just how many I’ll need once I figure out a setting for them. I’m thinking that the setting will involve adding one colour – perhaps a red or blue or an emerald green.


“Splat … Bubble Blowing Needs Some Work.”


Jake loves to curl up for a nap with a few stuffed toys so we  make sure there are a few positioned around his favourite sleeping spot.


Baxter always gets a bit of milk when Mr. Q.O. has cereal. But he likes to be spoon fed. While reclining on his pillow on top of the quilt. Pasha puss is one of his nicknames.

9 thoughts on “80 More Stars

  1. Star struck again as I see it! LOL! And those poor kitties with bubble gum issues!
    Jake looks totally relaxed and happy and Baxter, spoon fed? Boy, does he have you all trained!


  2. Jake really has fit in at your house and made himself at home–such a wonderful thing to see. I’ll bet that Baxter ends up sneaking at least at least one little star piece before you are done sewing 😉
    I think Baxter has Mr. Q.O. trained quite well lol!


  3. Cats always know when milk is going into a cereal bowl. I could always guarantee an audience, when having cereal. They all have their likes!! Love Jake with the stuffed animals. Glad he is fitting in—really looks comfy. Nice that you were able to give him a loving home!! Happy Holidays


  4. Hi Cathi, from Nancy, a friend of Bhu’s (and his Mom). I love your new kitty and of course, Baxter is fabulous. They seem very much alike in fur. Are they the same breed? I have often wondered if Baxter might be part Maine Coon Cat. Whatever he and Jake are, they are beautiful. Seeing them and Bhu, I wish I were not allergic.


  5. Hehe, as I read this, Macros has been trying to steal my glass of milk. And yep, he always wants the cereal dregs if I have cereal too. Though he’s fine taking it straight from the bowl 🙂


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