More Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

The butterfly fabric was another one that was meant for kaleidoscope stars. And I couldn’t resist making a few last weekend.


First one.


Then another.


I couldn’t stop. That ah-hah moment as each one is finished is impossible to resist.


Each one looks so different.


Some have a mostly black centre.


Others have such wonderful colours in the centre.


This may be my favourite.


No, wait! I think it’s this one.


Some of them really make it easy to decide which way they should go together.


Others? Not so easy. This would have been fabulously effective both ways, but I decided to go with this centre.


I finally stopped at 11. But I am determined to finish these and have decided that I’ll stitch a kaleidoscope star or two each evening when I’ve done enough quilting on the Summer Picnic Dish.

Because the Summer Picnic Dish is now basted and ready to quilt. I am so glad I decided to baste it using the quilt frame. It was much easier than crawling around on the floor. The quilting begins today.


The kitties made some kaleidoscope stars but they needed the alien to sparkle them up a bit and put them up in the sky.


When I set up the quilt frame so I could baste the quilt, I had to move one of Baxter’s kitty beds and put it on top of his other one. Within minutes he was in there and seemed to quite like having a double bed.

8 thoughts on “More Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. Cathi, as usual they are so pretty. I like the first one best as it shows off the butterfly wings to their full advantage. And of course I like blue. Those quilting cats are something with their starry night. Even Baxter got a side benefit from quilting yesterday.


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