A Few Floral Kaleidoscope Stars

My reward for finishing the piecing of Summer Picnic Dish was to stitch a few kaleidoscope stars.


I started with the wild floral kaleidoscope stars.


Each one takes only a few minutes.


And they are so much fun to see when they’re finished.


This one may be my absolute favourite … so far, that is.


Or maybe it’s this one.


Mr. Q.O. likes this one. He says it makes him think of peppers.

I love the fact that each star looks so different, even though they were all printed from the same fabric. A little fussy cutting/printing of shapes equals hours of piecing fun.

Yesterday I got the muslin ready that I’m going to use for the backing and found that I had a perfect size of batting so the Summer Picnic Dish is going to be basted today before the baseball game begins. I realized yesterday that I can use the quilt frame to baste it and then can hand quilt it. No crawling on the floor to get this one basted or to get any quilt basted ever again. Why I didn’t think of using the quilt frame before is beyond me. It really is the perfect solution.


“Having a Look-See.” I think the kitties were quite happy they were inside, away from the alien bugs!


Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “Ready to Pounce.” The felt toy was on the lower level of the kitty tree and Baxter was very intently staring at it.

6 thoughts on “A Few Floral Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. How big is the frame? I’m guessing you baste sections rather than do the big asterisk from the quilt centre to edges? Do you ever use the frame for quilting?


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