Hot Off the Ironing Board


As soon as I finished pressing it, we took this photo of the finished Summer Picnic Dish quilt top. The last stitch was taken at approximately 10:30 on Friday night and the pressing was done yesterday. This is the first time the quilt I chose to work on during the baseball playoffs was done before the World Series even began. It’s approximately 48″ by 60″, a perfect size for a lap quilt for us.

I’ve picked out the quilting design and am going to mark it on the quilt top today. I’m pretty sure I have a batt that’s the right size. So I’m going to get it basted either today or tomorrow and get started hand quilting it this week. I know I’m going to love seeing this one draped over the back of the loveseat or couch when it’s finished. The timing is good as the temperature is really starting to drop this week, so it will be a perfect time to have a quilt draped over my legs while I quilt it.

Looking back in my blog, I realized I began the Summer Picnic Dish in May of 2010. The first time it showed up on my blog was the May 3, 2010 post. When I started, it was going to be a wall hanging. As time went on, I flirted with the idea of making it into a bed runner. I’m really glad I decided to make it a lap quilt even if it did take me close to three and a half years to get the top finished.

Using the Inklingo Pickle Dish collection made the making of the Summer Picnic Dish pure fun. Loads of continuous stitching opportunities and lots and lots and lots of curved piecing, two of my very favourite things. And no worries at all about things fitting properly. I didn’t even have to think about that for a second. That’s what the perfect cutting and stitching lines and matching points printed on the back of fabric does – it takes all the stress out of even a complex pattern. I can’t begin to imagine making this with any other method.


Thanks to the little alien, Summer Picnic Dish has a special coating on it so the kitties can have a picnic without worrying about staining it. Sort of the alien version of ScotchGard.


Baxter with his favourite toy in his favourite spot, on top of the kitty tree.

22 thoughts on “Hot Off the Ironing Board

  1. sometimes the quilts that take years to complete are the quilts that I end up loving the most! just the right size for the couch – lovely – glad you got it to this size.


  2. Wooohoooo!!!! Its gorgeous! I’m impressed with the “about face” discipline. Bravo …..Baxter just melts my heart….too cute. Clapping for you. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


  3. It’s more than fabulous, Cath. I’m so glad you persevered and got it done. Now I can’t wait to see the quilting and hope the hand quilting gets you through your cool winter! Glad the alien has special Scotch Guard for it so the kitties won’t get it soiled. Give Baxter and Mr. Q.O. a hug from me and Panda!


  4. Oh my goodness! This is absolutely AWESOME! I can’t wait to see how you are quilting this. I feel like this quilt represents a journey in your life. Very very well done, Cathi! Congrats.


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