Final Progress Report on Summer Picnic Dish


Why is this the final progress report? Because these are all that’s left to add to the Summer Picnic Dish. Five setting pieces and that’s it! It will be done before tonight’s baseball game is finished. And the Summer Picnic Dish quilt top will be completed. We will get it photographed over the weekend so come back Monday to see the finished top!

I’m excited about it. Mr. Q.O. says it’s the nicest one I’ve made yet. And this is the first year that I’ve finished the baseball playoffs quilt before the World Series has even begun! The only thing left to make will be the label. I’ve decided what the label will be, so that will be quick. I just need to print four plain arcs as I’ll make a variation of a ring for use as the label. The fabric for the binding is washed and ironed, ready to be made into bias binding. And I think I’m going to use the pansy fabric for the backing.

What am I going to do after I finish piecing it? Get it ready to quilt. I’ve picked out the quilting design and will get that traced on to the centres. Then I want to get it basted and the hand quilting started. I may even get the tracing of the stencil done this weekend.


But tomorrow night as soon as I finish stitching the setting pieces on, I’m going to open this box and start stitching some more of the butterfly kaleidoscope stars. I think. Who knows? I may decide to start on one of the other sets of kaleidoscope stars, but those butterfly ones really are hard to resist.

Alien power coilwtmk

The kitties and alien don’t want to be stuck with a generator in the event of a power failure during the baseball playoffs, so the alien provided a super special alien power coil.


Baxter will play with the felt toy for hours on end. He carries it from room to room and always knows where he has left it. It’s his favourite – an extra-long shoelace wrapped around a small piece of felt. Forget the toys from the pet store. He has many of those and they all get ignored in favour of the felt toy.

4 thoughts on “Final Progress Report on Summer Picnic Dish

  1. Wow – does this mean that next time we see Summer Pickle Dish the top will be all done? Can’t wait! An alien power coil could be a very useful gadget. We have found that a scrunched-up piece of paper is also a good cat toy, and it can be suspended from a door knob too.


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