More Wild Floral Kaleidoscope Stars


Once I started making more kaleidoscope stars, I couldn’t resist making one with the wild floral fabric.


Then a second. And of this group, this one is definitely my favourite.


A third.


There was no stopping me. A fourth.


Followed quickly by a fifth.


And finally a sixth.

Am I ever glad I asked about thread basted quilts for machine quilting! I had no idea so many quilters thread basted their quilts for machine quilting. So the quilting of the Summer Picnic Dish will begin this weekend. Who knows? I may get on a real roll and get it all done. That’s probably a bit optimistic, but it’s a nice goal to work towards.


“Kitty Tree.”


Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “The Quilt Critic” as Baxter was stretched out in front of the quilt rack.

2 thoughts on “More Wild Floral Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. Basted stitches out…..sorry about the double post lol….thats all I know….could be different…hth:) keep the pictures coming of Mr. Baxter.


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