Lots of Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars


And I do mean lots! Thirteen of them.


They are so quick to stitch that I can’t just make one!


They’re much healthier than snack food.


And that moment when each star is finished is such fun!


I still can’t believe that one piece of fabric produces stars that are all so different from the others.


I’m not trying to pick any favourites in this group.


Because each one is a favourite.


It’s going to be such fun when it comes time to set these.


Finding the perfect setting fabric will be the first step.


I’m leaning towards using a solid white.


Or perhaps a silvery grey.


Although I said I wasn’t picking a favourite, this one just might be it.


Once I decide on the setting fabric, then I’ve got to decide on the setting.

There are three setting ideas that are possibilities. And I only have about 15 more to make and all the butterfly kaleidoscope stars will be made. Two yards of fabric and no waste at all. Fussy printing with Inklingo made these so easy to do. And once these are done then I’m going to allow myself to start to play with that crazy pottery fabric.


“Stars.” Once I saw the ‘toon, I realized that perhaps a dark blue would be the perfect setting fabric.


Baxter was on guard duty by his toy basket.

10 thoughts on “Lots of Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. Hi Cathi,

    I have really enjoyed seeing all your kaleidoscope stars and have been wondering just how you were going to set them.

    I can’t quite picture them on white and just wanted to tell you about some beautiful solids fabric I just bought for a quilt I fell in love with that is made from all solids! Solids have never been of interest to me until I saw Nancy Rink’s Amish With A Twist, Series II quilt pattern. The fabric used is Marcus Brothers Centennial Solids! WOW The colors are yummy and the feel is fantastic!

    I did not purchase from here but thought you might like to check out the pattern and colors. The picture does not do justice to the colors. I bought the colors my LQS shop didn’t carry on line at the Fat Quarter Shop, ordered on the 4th and they arrived on the 7th, unbelievable service! I got my patterns only and a boo boo bundle of fabric from Fabric Essentials online, great service there too!

    I haven’t made the plunge yet to print on fabric with Inklingo even though I have some of Linda’s sets. I am getting closer with every blog email I read and see more of your work! I have a hexie project working that I started with quilt patties and am now tracing onto fabric, a take off on Linda’s method. Working with scrap fabric I haven’t tried printing on fabric yet, even though I have her hexie set. LOL

    No matter what background you select I am sure it will be beautiful! Love your blog and loved following progress on your beautiful pansy pickle dish picnic project, you are so productive, not sure you ever sleep! LOL – Oh and Baxter pics are adorable too!

    Just had to share! FWIW

    Have a great day and weekend!


  2. Each one of those stars is just amazing! Good luck in deciding how to set them! LOL!
    Don’t let the aliens help in your decisions, or maybe, as they would be out of this world!


  3. I love these! It’s so much fun to see your projects. And to see them develop. I would have thought white as a setting fabric but after seeing the toon agree that a colored setting may be even better.


  4. I think this is my favorite group of stars that you have made!! Really, all of them are fun to see how the fabric changes from star to star. Doesn’t seem possible that they are all from the same piece of fabric. Hi Baxter


  5. WOW…these butterfly stars are just gorgeous! Love the fabric you’re using. I agree, it’s amazing how each star looks so different when they all come from the same fabric. What size are the stars? I’ve never used the Inklingo method for anything…but, you sure make me want to give it a try. Love your work!


  6. More gorgeous stars, you have been busy while I’ve been away! With their dark background I would be leaning toward a lighter colour setting to show them off, but that’s just me…..it’s your quilt, after all. Baxter, you are still as handsome as ever – you haven’t changed.


  7. Hi Cathi, I’ve been busy. I’ve been reading your blog but haven’t had time to post till now. Machine quilting will require no basting…most load on to separate rails…back fabric on one ,batting on another and and quilt top on the last rail….so you will most likely take the badted stitches


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