More Blue & Brown Paisley Kaleidoscope Stars


I’m getting close to the end of the blue and brown paisley kaleidoscope stars.


And each time I make one, I’m surprised at the result.


Paisley fabrics are clearly among the best for kaleidoscope stars.


I think these will be set with either a muslin or a light cream.


And there are only 19 left to make.


So if I were to concentrate on making these, I just might have them finished by the end of the weekend. But that may be impossible for me as I’m working on quilting the pickle dish quilt, stitching another sunflower and I know a new Inklingo collection is being released today. And we all know I’m hopeless when it comes to new collections – I can’t resist them and always find a new project to make!


“Family Album.” Seems the little alien was sharing pictures of his cousins.


Baxter was enjoying some sunbeams again.

5 thoughts on “More Blue & Brown Paisley Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. Cathi,
    I have been enjoying your Kaleidoscope Stars, they have all been amazing.
    Are you selecting areas to fussy print your combinations or are you representing all the fabric by cutting it up randomly and seeing what you get? Did that question make sense? I especially like the paisley print. I’ve always liked the paisley design because of the curves and intricate patterns.


  2. Each star is just another great surprise when you’re done!
    I am wondering if the aliens can get on and really figure out who they are related to?
    Nice pic again, of Baxter!


  3. The swirls in the paisley design really give the stars movement, don’t they? Perhaps that’s why they are so appealing, they seem to move. That’s quite a family, little alien….and kitties always know where to find the sunny spots!


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