Sunny Block

We had a storm warning for last night/today, so I decided that I needed to work on something that would make me think about anything but cold weather and white stuff.


So what did I work on? Another one of the 6″ sunflowers. A nice bright sunny sunflower. Which makes me think of anything but winter and that white stuff that falls from the sky. I live in denial when it comes to winter!

These blocks have it all for me. Loads and loads of continuous stitching and then my absolute favourite thing – curved piecing. Which is why I plan on making at least another hundred of these batik sunflower blocks. I even know exactly how I’ll quilt them when they’re done. But there is no way I’d be making them without the Inklingo 6″ sunflower collection. I can’t even begin to imagine tracing the templates for the tiny curved triangles. It’s so easy to just print my templates directly on my fabric, cut and stitch and know that everything is going to fit perfectly, so it’s just nothing but lovely enjoyable stitching.


The seams are graded, the little sunflower is pressed and ready to be added to the stack of the first 20 sunflowers.


“Home Sun.”


Baxter doesn’t care if there’s a storm. He’s cozy and quite happy atop his kitty tree.

11 thoughts on “Sunny Block

  1. Whoa! When you said “sunny block” you really meant it!! We could use some of that here in Michigan…haven’t had sunshine for too many days! Gorgeous block! And Baxter looks like something really has his attention!


  2. How do you manage to print the Inklingo so you can fussy cut the kaleidoscope blocks? I haven’t worked with inklingo yet, but am fascinated by it.


  3. I needed to see that bright sunny block today after all the rain and gray skies in GA. Mr. Q.O.’s Baxtertoons always make me smile. He is one creative person!!! Love the photo of Baxter. It looks like he is about to pounce on a falling leaf outside 🙂


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