Setting Fabric


For some reason, the camera just doesn’t capture the colour of this fabric. It’s a lovely light lavender but looks more blue/grey in this photo.


And it’s the fabric I’ve chosen to set the wild floral kaleidoscope stars. Again, the camera isn’t picking up the colour of it quite right. Now to pick out the setting for the wild floral kaleidoscope stars.

It may involve hexagons or more 2″ 60-degree diamonds or both hexagons and diamonds. I’ve already figured out how many of each I’d need to print, so now I have to make a decision! It won’t take long to print whichever I decide to use. At this rate, I could be starting to join the wild floral kaleidoscope stars into a quilt top before the weekend.


“A Captured Alien Particle for Closer Examination.” These ‘toons may need a bit of explanation. On the weekend, Mr. Q.O. saw a news story online that stated alien DNA particles have been discovered in earth’s atmosphere. So of course that set him off on a new line of ‘toons.


They came in to change the filters in the heating units yesterday which meant we had to move Baxter’s kitty tree for a few minutes. He didn’t much care for that, but was happily back in his favourite spot last night.

4 thoughts on “Setting Fabric

  1. I think you’ve chosen a great fabric! And are they sure that there aren’t fabric particles mixed in with the alien DNA? That would tell us a lot!
    Cats like order and moving things around will drive them crazy for a bit, my cats will attest to that!


  2. That fabric will be very pretty! We have moved our cats’ scratching posts or beds occasionally, they might grumble for a moment but soon get used to it. Aah, aliens……who knows what walks among us? *grin*


  3. Oh, that looks like a perfect fabric for setting your stars! Your prolific sewing keeps me inspired…such a delight to see so many fun new things come to life!


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