A Stack of HSTs


I really learned a lesson last night. And that is that by chaining by hand, I can stitch a fairly large number of the HSTs in just a couple of hours. Just over 50 of them are in that nice little stack – all done by hand last night. I put an Aurifil spool by them just to give it some perspective.

I’m thrilled by this as I have, up until now, pretty much avoided blocks that call for a lot of HSTs as I figured they’d get pretty boring to stitch. But this way they’re fun.

decorating partialwtmk

“Let the Decorating Begin.”


Baxter and Jake guarding the toy basket. According to Mr. Q.O., Baxter’s expression is saying, “You do know that’s my toy, don’t you?”

6 thoughts on “A Stack of HSTs

  1. Jake, you are asking for trouble…….do aliens use half-square triangles to decorate their tree? That’s certainly a stack of pieces, I use Aurifil thread so can just imagine the height of it!


  2. That’s excellent! I have in mind a schnibble that requires eleventy-million HSTs, for which reason I’ve procrastinated making. Add another to the list ‘when I get my printer’. Cathi, you are a gem!
    Hazle ♥
    (Also, perhaps Baxter understands that Jake is younger kitteh, with toddler attitude—you know, if I like it, is mine, if is in my paws, is mine… etc 🙂 and so shares. )


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