More Little HSTs


I had to give my chaining by hand process a good workout and I’m impressed. In just slightly over two hours, I had 36 of the HSTs stitched and ready to be pressed. The picture shows the ones that were pressed for the tutorial yesterday. The ones I stitched last night will look just like them once they’re pressed. At this rate who knows? Maybe I’ll have all 200 of the HSTs done before the weekend is over.

I had to have an MRI last night and, as I’m very claustrophobic, had been given a tranquilizer to take before the appointment. Seven hours later and I was still loopy from it! Which is why the little HSTs didn’t get pressed – I figured I wasn’t safe around an iron.


“Beaming In.” Pappy and Panda have arrived and it appears they’ve brought gifts. Now the real fun can begin! The tree decorating is about to begin, although I have a feeling a few catnip treats might be in order before the kitties and little alien get to work. Hmm – wonder if the little alien likes catnip?


Jake has gotten used to seeing Baxter drinking like this. Now he just carries on and eats. The first time Jake saw Baxter drinking he just stood there watching. I can only imagine what he was thinking! Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Dinner and Drinks.”

7 thoughts on “More Little HSTs

  1. I hope you are ok – you say you had an MRI last night and didn’t say why those aren’t usually scheduled in the evening – all is well? yes you are moving along on those hst’s


  2. *sigh* I wrote loooong comment, then WP made me log in, and ate it. Hope it was tasty.

    Was to effect that I recommend EFT to help with your claustrophobia. I used it deal with panic attacks of many years.
    Hope all is well with you now. ♥
    Always you make speed hand piecing look impressive—you are the Jensen Button of the hand piecing world! *g*
    Hazle :3


  3. Your hand sewing is so prolific…just amazing! Baxter continues to amaze me…even though I know he has a “unique” style to drinking…each time I see him…I must chuckle! Big hugs and wishes for only good reports from you MRI…not fun!


  4. Impressive stack of HST there! And the beaming in is exciting to see what happens next!
    Jake is probably thinking “Now I’ve seen it all” with the way Baxter drinks.
    Stay well!


  5. Don’t blame you for leaving the ironing, being in control of a machine when you are not quite in control of yourself is not good! Baxter is so funny…..I have never known a cat to drink the way he does, no wonder Jake looked bewildered when he saw it.


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