More Chaining by Hand


That’s what I’ve been doing – more chaining by hand. But this time of four-patch blocks. And they’re going together really, really quickly. Yes, I know these would be easy as could be to piece by machine for most but they’re not for me. I’ve just not got the right set-up at my sewing machine and I really want an enjoyable stitch, not something I feel compelled to get finished quickly.


So as soon as clue 4 for the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt came out, I printed the squares on my yellow and blue fabrics. This is what one sheet looks like with the squares printed – 20 squares per sheet.


Then I cut the sheets in half and paired them up, one yellow …


… with one blue.


The stack of blue and yellow pairs, all ready to be chain pieced by hand.


Then I stitched along the stitching lines of each one of the 10 squares on a pair of yellow …


… and blue fabrics.


Cut them apart on the cutting lines and have perfect little pairs that turned into wonderful little four-patch blocks. So far I’ve got 22 of the four-patch blocks finished.


And the seams graded and the little block pressed.


My progress to date on all the clues. Once I discovered that chaining by hand worked so well for the HSTs, I was determined to find a way to do more chaining by hand and the four-patch blocks offered me a great opportunity to do so.

I’m now going off to see what everyone else has done. You can too – just click here to see all the link-ups on Bonnie Hunter’s blog post today.


This is what we woke up to on Sunday morning. The trees out on the roof garden were all coated with a fair amount of ice as we, like so many others, were affected by the big storm. For us it was a prolonged ice storm, while others had a mix of ice and snow. We were fortunate and didn’t lose power, but thousands and thousands of people are still without power.

getting closerwtmk

They’re making progress with the decorations, but there’s apparently a possibility that some alien Christmas decorations are going to be added to the mix.


Jake really makes himself comfortable.


Baxter decided to hang out on a different part of the kitty tree. Mr. Q.O. entitled this one, “What’s Up?”

13 thoughts on “More Chaining by Hand

  1. Well done!! Thanks for the explanation! My 2014 project will be 4-patch blocks by hand. 1 each day and maybe extra more 🙂 1 block a day makes a happy quilter! Big hug and glad to see you again!


  2. glad you didn’t loose your power – I had heard of the storm as I thought it might get my daughter in Wisconsin first before moving over to you – and others in the east. she got a little ice but more snow than anything – I thing she said they are digging out of close to 10 inches yesterday.


  3. We here in Dallas had an ice storm just a couple of weeks ago. Many were without power and were unable to get out and about. Luckily we had power as our lines are underground.
    Love your chain piecing – you amaze me with how much you get done.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  4. We heard about the ice storms, our son’s household in TO lost power…..don’t know if it is back on yet. I’ll swap you for some of our heat, last night’s minimum temp was 24 deg C which is way too hot for comfortable sleeping! Curious to see how those disparate blocks will come together to make a quilt. Jake certainly seems to have settled in, and I am curious to see what alien decorations look like!


  5. Kudos to you for hand piecing. Your quilt is going to be spectacular. I am just outside Halifax NS and getting the tail end of the ice storm. It is raining now. I just love the pics of your cats. We have one that looks very much like your grey tabby. Beautiful. Stay safe and warm.


  6. Where I am in UK, we have wind/sleet but am thankful is no worse! Your blocks are coming together so well—I think it will be an arresting quilt, with the bold floral and blue. I look forward to more! Such beautiful, big eyes Baxter has.


  7. I hadn’t thought of chain piecing by hand like this. Good idea though. I’ll have to keep it in mind. Maybe for that bear claw quilt I want to restart (started it years ago on a machine before I decided that nope I preferred hand piecing)


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