Summer Picnic Dish Update


I’m just past the halfway mark of getting this top finished. Nine more rings to make and join and it will be done. But nine more rings will take a minimum of a month. So getting this done and ready to photograph out on the roof garden before it’s too cold may be a bit of a challenge. Particularly when I keep getting distracted by kaleidoscope stars.

Those three project boxes full of kaleidoscope star diamonds are very, very enticing. I can’t make just one. Oh, no – if I make one, then I need to make another to see how it’s going to turn out. Then a third. Then a fourth and … well, it just doesn’t end!


This box has everything in it I need to finish the Summer Picnic Dish quilt top, including the thread. And that box is staying front and centre, and in front of the kaleidoscope star project boxes, until the top is done. It would be wonderful to get this top finished before our Thanksgiving on October 14 and then maybe, just maybe, once it’s done I’ll actually start doing some hand quilting. That sounds nice for the cooler weather. The first one to get quilted will be the drunkard’s path variation. The batt for it is ready as is the backing and even the binding.


Now the alien’s turned into a stash box!


Baxter sound asleep on two toys. You can just see a Cappy peeking out from under him and his head pillowed on a felt toy.

7 thoughts on “Summer Picnic Dish Update

  1. I know it’s a challenge to get the Summer Picnic quilt done, but you can do it!!
    I hope Baxter doesn’t get into that stash box and get trapped.
    Somebody has to take the naps around the house, it might as well be Baxter!


  2. With how busy I’ve been, I wanna take a nap with Baxter. I truly appreciate the time and effort that goes into a quilt top and what you have accomplished shows it. You’ll get it done ,after all your so fast, it’ll be done in no time. I like the box idea…


  3. Like all your quilts, this one is very pretty. I have a quilt my great grandmother made for me to be part of my trousseau (remember those?). It is for a double bed but I have used It as a bedspread on our king-sized bed for the last 52 years. It is all hand stitched including tiny little stitches to quilt it together. It’s reversible with a tulip pattern and I absolutely love it. So although I don’t quilt myself, I am very taken by quilts and especially your designs. I so enjoy your blog.


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