Paisley Kaleidoscope Stars

The first fabric that I had pulled for the kaleidoscope stars was a blue and brown/beige paisley that had been in my stash for ages. There would be a picture here if I had thought to take a picture of the fabric before we began cutting and printing, but I didn’t. What could be better for kaleidoscope stars than a paisley?


I printed 2″ 60-degree diamonds on the fabric and started making the paisley kaleidoscope stars. The first one. This one may be my favourite of this group.


Then two.


Three. Hmm – I think this one may be my favourite instead of the first one.




Five. No, wait a minute! This one is my favourite … I think.


Six. No, maybe it’s this one.




Eight. Or perhaps it’s this one.


Nine. No, it’s this one. I think. Maybe.




And a box full of lots more, just waiting to be stitched. I am so glad I decided to use the brown and blue paisley fabric for kaleidoscope stars – I love the different effects from just one piece of fabric! The stars are so quick to put together that it really won’t take that long to finish all three sets. But I’m still trying to put the Summer Picnic Dish ahead of them. Please notice I said trying. The 2″ diamonds have some sort of magical power. They keep enticing me to just make one star. Then maybe another. And another.

The kaleidoscope stars have me looking at fabric altogether differently. I have a small stack of fabrics that I’ve pulled from my stash that I think are candidates for kaleidoscope somethings. Probably not stars for the next project, but something different altogether. Possibly even something involving curved piecing. This could get very interesting. And it’s clearly started a new obsession.


“Alien Shrub.”


The leaves on the trees out on the roof garden are just starting to change colour. And Baxter is still spending most of the day and evening in his kitty tree.

8 thoughts on “Paisley Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. I would be very hard pushed to find a favourite but so far # 7 is it. I know they go together quickly but you have such a fast work ethic and output. Wish I could work so fast. Love the fabric choices for all your stars. Clever Inklingo.


  2. You’re right, paisley does make for very interesting stars! And all diamonds too……no doubt about it, diamonds are a girl’s best friend in this case. Will the alien shrub change colour in fall too?


  3. It’s amazing to see how the stars turn out with the different patterns. I think the paisleys are the winners at this point!
    The alien is sure talented! And the leaves are turning already? Winter’s on the way!


  4. Six and eight are fabulous but the others are wonderful too. Each one is a surprise over the last one. I can understand your “obsession”. That alien is such a versatile little guy. Perhaps Baxter is “obsessively” seeing him out the window in the garden.


  5. Well I can see its catch-up time..i love the 1st and 5th of the butterfly…the floral reminds me of the colors of vegetables. HANDS DOWN!! I love the paisley, fantastic color there. Glad your having a blast Cathi and thanks again for sharing…I wonder if you could make a star out of kitty fabric…in honor of Baxter?! Still quilting…


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