Working Towards A Finish


A quick half hour on the weekend and all the shapes I need to finish the Summer Picnic Dish were printed. With any luck I’ll be able to stay focused on it after this week and get it finished before the end of September. With a bit more luck it will still be nice enough then to get a photo of the finished top out on the roof garden.

We thought Baxter might grow out of his funny way of drinking water, but he hasn’t. In fact, it’s even funnier. There’s a very distinctive meow just before he’s going to drink – dive into the water bowl which we think is to alert us to the fact that it’s show time. That meow wasn’t caught in the video, but his wonderfully wacky way of drinking was. When he’s finished, one side of his face and neck is sopping wet.


The alien and the kitties were going to go for a ride, but it was decided it might be a bit dangerous with the air show coming in for the end of the CNE. So they’re turning the flying saucers into midway rides for the kitties and for Cappy and the Alien Cappy.


Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “Bath Time with Observers.”

9 thoughts on “Working Towards A Finish

  1. Your quilts are so beautiful and I always enjoy seeing what you are working on next. But Baxter is unbelievable. That kitty is hilarious! I’ve had many kitties over the past 40 years but none as entertaining as him. Thank you for the laugh. Pat McDonald


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