Rose Star, Summer Picnic Dish and More

Although I’ve not been blogging much this week, I have been busy.


First of all, I decided to make a second Rose Star block.


To go with this one, which I made months ago. I have a plan to use the two of them in one project. These are huge blocks for me – they measure about 18″ x 21″.


I’ve also been working on more rings for the Summer Picnic Dish. Nine more to make and then it will be all about joining them. Whether I can get this done in time to get a photo out on the roof garden is sort of up in the air, but that’s my goal.


Finally, a little project that will be a mug rug.

I really didn’t plan on a mini blog vacation but it seems that is what’s happening as next week I’ll miss a few days as well. After Labour Day I’ll be back to my normal blogging schedule.


The little alien found a vendor at the CNE who was selling Alien Floss rather than cotton candy.


Baxter with one of his very favourite toys – a piece of felt tied in the middle with a shoelace. He wanders about meowing with this thing in his mouth and always jumps up on the bed at night with it. And then brings it back out to the living room in the morning.

8 thoughts on “Rose Star, Summer Picnic Dish and More

  1. I have missed your blogging, but I’ve been busy too. I’ve been on the job site with hubby, hardly any quilting has been done! Those rose stars look like a Lancaster Rose quilt that I have. Your blocks are gorgeous. I like the picnic dish. Baxter is an adorable kitty…i want one.:)


  2. I absolutely love your rose blocks! That should make a nice large quilt in a shorter amount of time!
    Alien floss, wow, and is that Baxter wearing an alien shirt? He’s being converted!
    Baxter might think he’s caught something like a mouse with a tail with that shoestring hanging there!


  3. Isn’t it funny how kitties “adopt” the oddest toys! Don’t get a chance to stop and comment very often, but want you to know how much I enjoy reading all of your posts! Happy Summer! xxoo


  4. Beautiful blocks as always!! Love your mug rug too. Baxter photo and story is priceless, absolutely priceless. Remy likes to carry toys around too and we find them all over the place.


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