Kaleidoscope Stars

It was inevitable. I had to start a new project. And it will be small new project because the fabric I’m using is one I used for the Tiffany Lamp New York Beauty top and is just about gone. But I had to give in. I tried, I really did, to resist making kaleidoscope stars but a series of posts on the All About Inklingo blog did me in.


After finding a suitable fabric in my stash, I prepared two window templates. One for 2″ diamonds.


And one for 3″ diamonds.


Then I began auditioning fabrics and found one that would work for kaleidoscope stars with the 2″ diamonds. Having the window template makes it super easy to fussy cut/print. I had enough 2″ diamonds for 24 kaleidoscope stars printed and cut out in no time.


I was trying to hold off stitching them for a few days, but once the diamonds were all ready to stitch they were irresistible. And I couldn’t make just one.


Or two.


Or three.


Or four.


Finally, after I made the fifth one, I stopped. But not for long. I am going to search through my stash for another fabric that will work for kaleidoscope stars as they are a fabulously fun, fast stitch.


“Alien Kaleidoscope.”


Baxter was guarding his toys again.

14 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. beautiful – I just really need to clear out some of these projects already started so I can start another Inklingo project – I am doing hexies but other than that all are applique quilts and too many of them!!


  2. Cathi, Wow! Love those stars. So glad you had some of that fabric left over it is perfect for the Kaleidoscope Stars. Can’t wait to see more.


  3. That’s going to be nice Cathi, I’ll be awaiting the finished photo. I wanna play with Baxter….
    I’m still quilting, but not for long!:)


  4. I knew it would happen, but what nice results! I can see that those little stars can be addictive!
    Baxter is guarding his toys from the aliens, I am guessing!


  5. I’m
    just starting to get a bit jealous at the good times your having and the wonderful creations your completing! KNOCK IT OFF! LOL. Too pretty.


  6. Hi Cathi, i did go and look at Linda’s blog and how to do the fussy cutting. Looks easy when you know how. I shall look forward to seeing how you progress with this project. You have made a great start.


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