Very late Sunday night I finished making the melon/arc combos for the Summer Picnic Dish. I love seeing this stack of all 28 of them all done!


I grouped them into sets of four so stitching the rings will go quickly. Now all that’s left is lots of curved piecing, which is definitely one of my favourite things.


In fact, it’s going very quickly. I got three of these rings made last night watching one baseball playoff game. And there are two baseball games to watch today/tonight, so I may well finish making the rings today. There are only four left to make. After that, it will just be a matter of joining the final eight rings to the top, adding the outer edge pieces and the Summer Picnic Dish top will be finished. I’m feeling quite confident that it will be done before the World Series is over and then I can get back to playing with kaleidoscope stars.


“Bubbles.” Seems the little alien and everyone else got into the bubble gum while watching baseball games. And cheering, of course, for the Tigers!


After all that excitement, Baxter was asleep again on his kitty tree.

14 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Yup, cheering for the Tigers here, too! I am so excited anticipating seeing Pickle Dish all together!! And I wish I could sleep like Baxter….any place, any position, zonked out!! 🙂


  2. baseball! yuck LOL – I am not a fan — but then I am not much of a sports fan at all I guess – each to their own.
    Question – did you print out the big center using Inklingo or do you just go by the lines on the melons? reason I ask is that when I made Joseph’s Coat printed some pieces not all, just wasn’t economical to print out the pieces as the layout wasted too much fabric to me. I think it would be ok for a couple pieces but not a lot when they are big


    • I definitely printed the centres, using one of the combo pages. That way I got some extra melons printed on the pansy fabric for use in another project. There was way less waste using that combo page than there would have been even had I traced around templates in an effort to use fabric more efficiently. And that way I have perfect matching points and stitching lines, which makes the whole process much more enjoyable, and I can just pin one match at a time.



  3. Hi Cathie! I have followed you for years, I admire your dedication to hand piecing! This pickle dish quilt will be lovely!
    Ummmmm, did you notice, in your pic of the melons laid out, there is a coloured piece missing on the arc on the right lower portion of the picture. Just to let you know in case not a design intention!
    Take care, Leslie


  4. Wow Cathi your doing just great! I’ve been busy on the farm getting ready for winter…no hexagons for the past 2 weeks. Canning beef too. I can’t believe I got signal up here…lol. I can’t post all the time but I’m reading and waiting for the finished product. 😊


  5. Love everyone in the ‘toon with bubble gum! Too fun. And good for you sticking with the Pickle Dish through the ballgames. What a nice sense of accomplishment you will have when the World Series is done. Go Cathi!


  6. Cathi – always following your beautiful handwork I discovered thru Lynda @ Inklingo. Have you or are you using any voile or linen in your designs? I love their texture but have yet to try my needle …and patience… with the hand piecing. Avid follower in the Mountains of WV, USA, Ginger


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