The Final Three Possibilities

There were actually four more I was thinking of, but one of them got ruled out as there isn’t any chance I could finish it. So now I’m down to three more possibilities for the quilt I work on during the baseball playoffs.

First up is the Patchwork of the Crosses. I added the outer cream hexagons and the purple squares to this block last night, to get a sense of how long it would take. Not long. There are only seven blocks left that need the outer cream hexagons and purple squares. Then it will just be a matter of figuring out placement, adding the outer edges and the 2″ squares that will be needed at the block intersections. So this one is definitely in the running. I’d love to finish my POTC quilt top as the blocks have been languishing far too long.

While there are two distinctly different quilts being made with these, The Memories of Smudge quilt and a shabby chic Yin Yang quilt, I think of this as one project.

The two stacks of the Yin Yang shapes have been sorted into sets of four, so all that’s left is to just pick up each set and stitch. Both would be easy stitching and there is again a reasonably good chance I could finish these during the games.

Finally, the little spool blocks/klosjes. They are tiny, finishing at  2 3/8″. 120 of the blocks are made. All that’s left is to stitch the little blocks together and add a border of some sort. This will be a small wall or doll’s quilt. And definitely one that I could finish during the games.

Baxter seems to like the Yin Yang symbol.

Baxter had to get in on the act when I was putting the klosjes out to be photographed. He takes his quilt inspection duties seriously. Or perhaps he was about to make off with one of the little blocks if only I had turned my back for a second.

6 thoughts on “The Final Three Possibilities

  1. I have always admired the Patchwork of the Crosses that I see. Yours is especially pretty in the fabric you chose. The tiny spools are so CUTE and will make the perfect doll quilt. I saw, somewhere in my blog travels. where a lady hung old yard sticks in her hallway and they were out just a bit. She had these clips that had a C on them at the top and she could hand her small quilts and move them about. I’ll see if I can find it again. That Baxter is always on the go! Perhaps with his new passion, he can help bring groceries and heavy items up to the apartment?!?!! 🙂


  2. Here’s my vote…we are voting on which WE want to see you finish first.. My vote the Shabby Chib YinYang. In memory of Smudge….I had a Norwegian Forest Cat named JB Smudge. Black as coal except for the white Smudge on his nose. He’s waiting for me in Kitty Heaven, I miss him bunches. I’m working on my first hand pieced quilt. A Hexagon Puzzle and like you I was really hating those knot bumps. Tried the flat knot and here’s a loud hurray. It’s so easy I’m using it as a ‘lock’ where sections connect.
    Your blog is the first thing I look at when I check my e-mails. Thanks for all the suggestions, incouragements and wonderful pictures.


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