Help Me Decide!

I’m not saying the results of the poll will be binding on me as I try to choose one of these projects over the others, but it may well help me decide. I’m torn between all these projects so I would really like your help! The playoffs begin next week so it’s decision time.

A quick review.

Stormy Seas

2″ Drunkard’s Path

Bright 9-Patch On Point

Patchwork of the Crosses

Shabby Chic/Memories of Smudge Yin Yang Quilts

Spool/Klosjes Doll Quilt

I’d love to read your comments about why you chose whichever one you do choose.

And Baxter will be counting the votes!

Actually, Baxter was hanging out on the windowsill for a while. The gardener was working on the roof garden yesterday morning so Baxter had lots to watch.

25 thoughts on “Help Me Decide!

  1. Oh dear…..I can’t choose! Which is the project that has been ongoing for the longest time? That would be the one I would pick. As well as being Quilt Supervisor, it seems that Baxter is now Garden Supervisor.


  2. Ohhhh, so many beautiful choices and I cannot believe I didn’t choose the spool/dolls! Anyhoo, Stormy Seas blocks are just pulling me in!!!! Hi Baxter…chief inspector of all things, lol…


  3. Cathi,
    It is so fun to see all of your projects, each one is so delightful, I admire everyone.
    I feel the choice should be the ying yang in memory of Smudge. The blending of fabrics with this pattern is so healing I think it should be the winner.
    Whatever you decide will be awesome. I have been unable to get to my quilting due to home remodeling, made a Cinderella costume for my Grand Daughter, etc., etc. Your blog keeps me inspired for the day I can quilt again. Thank you!


  4. I picked the Yin Yang one…. purely because of our shared love of kitties and the fact that it’s “Memories of Smudge!” Because I also LOVE the Patchwork of the Crosses… and the drunkard’s path and the….. I’m hopeless for helping decide!!! Have a fun time, Cathi! And GO RANGERS!


  5. I wish I had your problem… So enjoy following your progress plus I really enjoy waking up here on the west coast to Baxter and the Baxtertoons… Go drunkards path…


  6. I picked stormy sea. Someday, I’d like to do one of my own in batiks as well. I just don’t have the time right now. So, I live vicariously through you.


  7. I vote for the bright 9-patch on point…….because I think there is less ‘thinking’ on those, and you’ll be so busy watching your games…….it would just be easier! But I love them all, and I know you’ll finish them all one day!


  8. I voted for the drunkards path because I love that it is scrappy, small & has many great possibilities for layouts – I know you are replicating a pattern, but…

    Oh & I own my great grandmothers drunkards path quilt – which uses the same fabrics, because it was made in that era.


  9. I’m doubly in the minority here…I choose the bright 9 patches, just because I love the bright happy colors. And it is a selfish choice….really wanting to see how they all play together. And here, we are rooting for the Tigers. I will be so glad when it is all done…hubby has baseball on the brain!!


  10. I chose the bright nine patch. I almost chose the doll thimble quilt, thinking you could whip through that in one ball game, and then could have the feeling of accomplishment to drive you into your next project. But then why not do the happy fun thing first!!! That is my thought process. Dessert first. Sometimes seconds. And did you know if you eat sweets for breakfast, you burn more calories? or something like that


  11. I voted for the Patchwork of the Crosses because that is just one spectacular quilt! Although, all of your projects have great appeal!
    I wonder if you will get good results with the poll, because I have a feeling the counter might just eat a few ballots while he is counting!


  12. I voted for POTC as I gave one on the go as well but I would like to see the memories of smudge done as well. At the moment I can sew for a very short time but I can knit so I have been knitting a mousie for Lady to play with out of the ball of wool she found and has been draging around the house. Just a little safer for her.
    Love Baxter in all his poses he is a lovely handsome coon.


  13. Mondo tough call – I love those 30’s prints like crazy! I’m a devotee of the Stormy at Sea/ Stormy sea quilts because when I moved here 24 years ago I decided if I’m going to live by the seashore I better have one of those fabulous quilts. It kind of scares me with all the bits and pieces, so if you’d go ahead and do one I’d appreciate it because it would enable me to delay doing mine for a while! : )


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