Two Blocks Each for Two Quilts

The poll is closed. It was fun watching the votes come in over the weekend and  I loved reading the comments. The lead went back and forth between Stormy Seas and Memories of Smudge but Memories of Smudge is the clear winner.

While the voting was still going on, I was working on this Memories of Smudge block.

And then this one.

Then, because I think there’s a fairly good chance I could finish the blocks for Memories of Smudge this week, maybe even before the playoffs start on Friday, I decided to do a Stormy Seas block.

And then another one.

There are 20 Stormy Seas blocks left to do. And 12 of the Memories of Smudge blocks left to stitch. Now that I’ve got that figured out, I know I can finish piecing the blocks for Memories of Smudge this week. It’s going to be a wall quilt, somewhere between 30 and 36″ square. The final size will depend on the border treatment, if any, that I decide to add.

All that said, I still haven’t made a final decision on what will be this year’s baseball playoffs quilt top. Who knows? Maybe I can finish off two of them. Which two? I’ll let you know as soon as I decide. That decision absolutely has to be made by Thursday night.

Baxter was busy scanning the votes.

After all that work, he curled up to have a rest.

4 thoughts on “Two Blocks Each for Two Quilts

  1. Vote counting is very tiring work, you know……I’m not surprised that Baxter had to rest! I look forward to seeing whatever you decide to work on, because they are all gorgeous.


  2. I just hope another new Inklingo collection doesn’t suddenly appear before next Friday or all your plans will fly out the window! 🙂
    Baxter’s so cute counting the votes, I hope there aren’t any hanging chads!


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