Roof Garden Quilt Photo Shoot

It was a glorious day yesterday. The gardeners had been and cut the grass, so it was the perfect time to take some of the tops I finished over the fall/winter/early spring out to the roof garden for a photo shoot.


We finally have a picture of the Case of the Secret Garden that shows the true colours of the fabrics I used. I’m still dithering over a border treatment for this one. I think perhaps something plain to frame it rather than a pieced one as I’d rather keep the focus on the centre of the quilt than distract from it with a more involved pieced border.


Memories of Smudge also needed to be photographed outdoors. Now I’m sure what I want to do with borders for this little quilt top.


And finally, the Tiffany Lamp New York Beauty. There are a lot of metallic fabrics in this top. They were reflecting the sunlight rather intensely in some spots.


On Monday, the crab apple tree blossoms were barely buds. Yesterday they were beautiful delicate pink blossoms. We’re supposed to have rain and storms today, so I’m glad we got this photo yesterday.


While we were out on the roof garden, the cardinals were going from tree to tree. What a treat it is to see and listen to them. The male is just barely visible in this shot. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see the little splash of red there.


It’s a kitty picnic!


Baxter still hasn’t spotted the cardinals, although he has been watching the sparrows rather intently. So intently that he just had to have a nap!

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