More Memories of Smudge Layouts

Yesterday afternoon and evening I spent a lot of time arranging and rearranging the Memories of Smudge blocks. Five more possible layouts were the result. I’m having a blast playing with the blocks on the design wall.

First of all, I decided to see what it would look like with the blocks containing the lightest piece as a 9-patch in the centre. This is still a possibility.

Then I thought I’d play with them in the centre in this formation. This one is definitely out of the running.

For the third layout of the day, I thought I’d try changing the orientation of those five blocks. This one is also now out of the running.

For the fourth layout, I went back to the V idea, but with the darkest blocks on the outer edges.

And finally, again the V layout. This time with the darker blocks right around the V and the other, medium blocks on the outside edges. Looking at this photo, I think a few blocks still need to be moved. I often see things in a photo that I don’t necessarily see when looking at the blocks when they’re laid out.

There are two more layouts I’m going to try today, one of which is the S suggested by Elly in yesterday’s post. I want to decide tomorrow and get started putting the top together.

Mr. Q.O. has been entertained by some video called Gangnam style, which has inspired today’s Baxtertoon in which Baxter’s offering kitty classes in that style.

He was resting up after his vet visit. Absolutely not his favourite place to go.

9 thoughts on “More Memories of Smudge Layouts

  1. How is the truncating working out for you? I will normally NOT click through because most who seem to use it have advertising and it is a way to draw traffic for the advertisers. I know you don’t advertise, so I am clicking through. I love the Memories of Smudge quilt. It DOES remind one of him.


  2. Hi Cathy.. It’s O-dark 30, here in San Diego, and I really like the 9 patch look, it just looks balanced to me, (also I think the first 2 blocks in rows 2 & 3 look very similar.) I’ve read some of your older blogs and Smudge was just a “love bug” your quilt is going to be such a special tribute to him!


  3. Oh my, I guess it was just a matter of time when Baxter would be doing the Gangnam style dance. That is so funny, he might just move on to be on Dancing with the Kitty Stars!


  4. WOW~~ What a pretty quilt this will be! Sorry for all of your blogging issues. I must say that part of blogging is frustrating to me.
    That is the cutest Baxtertton! I am so fascinated with how this man’s video has gone WILD and made him quite infamous now. He went to school in California, not sure where. He is quite talented and I think this was the boost he needed. He’s off and running now. Or, should I say galloping. lol That horse riding dance is hilarious. lol


  5. Cathi, I’m seeing ‘S’ over all the layouts now, LOL… I think Smudge’s spirit is at work. I like the 9 patch arrangement. I just wish I could be there with your to play.
    Thank you Mr. Q. O… I had just got that tune out of my head and now it’s back!! LOL… Cute Baxtertoon!


  6. Yup, I’m with Elly on the layout options. I like the idea of an “S” since it’s all about Smudge. Very pretty blocks. The 9 patch is nice and move a few other blocks and an ‘s’ will appear. Gorgeous fabrics.


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