Memories of Smudge V.S.

What does the V.S. stand for? Either Memories of Smudge – Very Smudge or Memories of Smudge Very Special. In the final layout, there is the V as well as lots and lots of S’s.  And that’s where the idea for V.S. came from. Here’s the final layout – almost.

After arranging, rearranging and rearranging some more, this is the almost final layout. I made a couple of changes to the last blocks on the 3rd, 4th and 5th rows after I took this picture but was so anxious to get started stitching that I forgot to take a picture after those changes were made. All the blocks have little pieces of paper pinned to them with their block & row number identified and are off the design wall now, ready to stitch together.

In fact, last night I got the blocks stitched together into the first two rows. Once the rows are stitched together the S’s will become more evident. I hope to finish putting the rows together tonight – there are two baseball games tonight, so loads of stitching time – and the centre of the quilt together by the time the weekend is through. Now I’m starting to think about border ideas.

There is one extra block which will be part of the label for Memories of Smudge V.S.

The last two evenings, when not arranging and rearranging the Memories of Smudge blocks, I decided to do a few more of the little 2″ Drunkard’s Path units. Now there are 613 finished and only another 219 needed. I may end up making the quilt slightly larger, but I’ll decide that when the 832 units are finished.

Today’s Baxtertoon made me almost teary-eyed. Baxter had only been home for a very few days before Smudge left us.

Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Hmm.” The leaves are really starting to fly by the window now and Baxter is very, very busy keeping his eye on them.

14 thoughts on “Memories of Smudge V.S.

  1. Oh, that toon was sad. Great memories of Smudge, though, and I love the shirt Baxter is wearing.
    Those little drunkard’s path blocks seem to multiply all by themselves! Nice!


  2. Your Smudge quilt is gorgeous; the colors are perfect! Really poignant Baxtertoon. I really enjoy watching cats on the chase…they love anything floating through the air!!!
    big, big hugzzzzzzzzz


  3. I love that arrangement of blocks! When I saw the VS I thought it stood for Version Smudge (like computer programs, i.e. Yin Yang: Version Smudge). The Baxtertoon brought a tear to my eye and I love the way Cappy made it into the toon!


  4. what fun you have been having arranging and rearranging the blocks. thanks for the hint about pinning a label to each block to keep it all in the correct order. I usually work from my design wall and machine sew but for hand work this would really work so nicely.
    Mr QO made a touching cartoon with baxter and memories of smudge.


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