Memories of Smudge V.S. Progress & A Small Victory

The blocks are now all sewn together into rows. The rows will be sewn together and the centre of the quilt completed by the end of the weekend. And now I’m seriously considering what kind of border treatment to add. Perhaps some flying geese as Smudge did love to watch the birds out the window. I’ll probably make a couple of flying geese to try out on the design wall. Can you tell I’m really enjoying having a design wall that I can leave in place?

The small victory? You may have noticed this post isn’t truncated. Yesterday I saw that the same scraper had again grabbed all the content of yesterday’s post, even though that post was truncated. I wrote to their web host once again asking that the copied post be taken down. Imagine my surprise when I went there later to check and all the content on their site was gone. Every single bit. Not just the posts they had taken from my blog, but all the posts they had scraped from others’ blogs as well.

I’m sure it wasn’t as a result of just my complaint, but rather that others had complained to that web host as well about that particular site and it was the number of different complaints that may have tipped the scale. That proves to me that standing up for our rights and filing a copyright violation complaint is worth the effort. And it’s really not that much of an effort.

Yesterday, Mr. Q.O. was putting up a paper towel holder in the kitchen. Baxter was right there, watching every move until the power drill came out. Then he left but was quickly back once that noise stopped. So that inspired today’s Baxtertoon.

Later in the evening he was back up on “his” quilt.

8 thoughts on “Memories of Smudge V.S. Progress & A Small Victory

  1. Hooooray for you Cathi!~ I’m proud of you for standing up for your content. However, I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this. Your quilt is beautiful and I think that is sweet to think of putting the flying geese for dear Smudge. I’m so glad you have Baxter. He might have though that Mr. Q.O. was going to become a dentist for a moment there. lol Our dogs do not like power anything. Especially the vaccum cleaner!


  2. Good news about your website! Now you can concentrate on the border and that quilt will be ready to quilt! Baxter is such a handycat unless there is noise associated with it, better be the assistant in such cases! He looks cool with that tool caddy hanging on him!


  3. Flying geese sounds like a lovely idea. We must always stand for what is right, no matter if it appears to be futile. What beats a failure, but a try…or something like that, lol! I am glad that site has been removed. Anyhoo, have a lovely Baxter day!


  4. YAY! Good for you and thanks for your encouragement. I have been reading–back reading too–on this quilt. I like your final layout and the balance you achieved. Very striking and fabulous quilt to be.


  5. I love the blocks and the idea of a flying geese border, but rather than straight lines of geese, I would do curving ones to accent the curving ying yang detail of the blocks!


  6. Yay for the victory.
    Hehe, they’re such scaredy cats aren’t they. Macros also appears every time I’m in the kitchen, and disappears when a noise maker is turned on, only to show up again once it’s off.
    He does look comfy on his quilt


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