Memories of Smudge V.S. Centre Finished

Stitching the rows together didn’t take long and now the centre of Memories of Smudge V.S. is done. All by hand. I’ve changed my mind slightly about the border treatment.

First there will be a thin pink border, probably just an inch or so. This photo gives an idea of the pink against the brown. The pink is the same pink fabric I used for the 2010 baseball playoffs quilt, which can be seen here. Then I think I may add a pieced border of cream and browns. But as the first thin pink border is going to require machine sewing, that’s likely not to get done until next weekend at the earliest. My week has turned into a marathon of work and I doubt that I’ll want to go anywhere near the sewing machine until I’ve had a day or two to relax once the work is finished.

This is yet another one of those times I am glad I have so many projects on the go with all the pieces printed on fabric and cut out, waiting to be stitched. I can sit down after I finish working and pick up something to stitch for an hour or so as I wind down from the day’s work.

On the weekend we bought some new cleaning tools. Baxter decided to get in on the act and help.

He spent a lot of time in his kitty tree this weekend as the leaves are now flying by the window. When he wasn’t watching the leaves, he was playing with the toy that’s attached to the bottom of the top level of the tree. He gets quite intense about the whole thing.

5 thoughts on “Memories of Smudge V.S. Centre Finished

  1. Ok, now that Baxter has taken over the cleaning duties of the house, now you need to get him to help with your work and that will free you up to get the Hunter’s Star blocks together! You only have until the morning to get that on your blog! Can’t Baxter proof read??


  2. To be different, I like the mauve in the top photo, is that fabric you just have the blocks sitting on?But the pink is a good strong contrast.You have been so busy doing it all by hand, a real marathon. I do like the kitty tree, I can see our Poppy on one,right by a window like Baxter, watching the world, and leaves, go by. Greetings from Jean


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