Baby Bubbles

Odd title, isn’t it? That’s what Mr. Q.O. named the quilt that was finished late last week and delivered on Friday afternoon to the mum-to-be. Now I can write about and show it. I couldn’t before as I was a bit … Continue reading

An Almost Finish and Beginning of A Finish

All the Yin Yang blocks in the Memories of Smudge top are now joined. After having joined them previously and then deciding to rearrange them, the blocks sat for a while. But I picked them back up late last week, … Continue reading

Memories of Smudge … Again

After much more arranging and rearranging, I think this is the final layout for Memories of Smudge.  I’ll take one more good look at it today and then label the blocks and get them off the design wall.  There was … Continue reading

Memories of Smudge V.S. Centre Finished

Stitching the rows together didn’t take long and now the centre of Memories of Smudge V.S. is done. All by hand. I’ve changed my mind slightly about the border treatment. First there will be a thin pink border, probably just … Continue reading

Two Blocks Each for Two Quilts

The poll is closed. It was fun watching the votes come in over the weekend and  I loved reading the comments. The lead went back and forth between Stormy Seas and Memories of Smudge but Memories of Smudge is the clear … Continue reading