An Almost Finish and Beginning of A Finish


All the Yin Yang blocks in the Memories of Smudge top are now joined. After having joined them previously and then deciding to rearrange them, the blocks sat for a while. But I picked them back up late last week, joined them into rows and finished joining the rows into the top on Friday night.


Then I start auditioning borders. My initial thought was a narrow pink stop border, then a cream border and then a final dark brown border. But what I had that I thought was a deep brown is, in fact, a deep burgundy brown and it’s not the right colour by any stretch of the imagination. Now I’m thinking I’ll add the narrow pink border and a slightly wider cream border and then use a black for the binding. I’m not all that surprised I don’t have yardage of a brown in my stash as it’s not a colour to which I’m drawn or want to work with normally. It’s actually rather surprising I even had enough of the brown FQs to make Memories of Smudge.


Once the Memories of Smudge blocks were all together, I decided to get to work on the New York Beauty blocks. The blocks are all joined into rows and now I’ve started joining the rows. So far the bottom two rows are joined. As I’m joining them entirely by hand, I expect it will take a couple more evenings of stitching to have the top together. Until they were joined, all the blocks had little pieces of paper identifying their row and placement in the row. Once joined into rows, only the first block of the top row still has a little paper identifier.

Once the New York Beauty rows are all joined, I’m going to get the borders on Memories of Smudge and then those two tops will be done. Right now I’m thinking the New York Beauty top will have no borders but will be bound with a black or very deep grey, but I’ll make that decision when the rows are all joined.


Today’s Baxtertoon – Snowbirds. I think Mr. Q.O. must like snow or something. I’m grateful we have none.


A box was out, as Mr. Q.O. was looking for something, and Baxter was right there to investigate.

14 thoughts on “An Almost Finish and Beginning of A Finish

  1. Cathy this quilt is incredible!!

    “There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity”, General Douglas MacArthur



  2. WOW! The yin-yang quilt top is incredibly stunning. Wonderful colour blends and easy on the eyes. Way to work.
    Your batiks are looking great too.
    Way to “box” Mr. Baxter.


  3. Congrats on the finish of smudge. Well, almost finish.
    The pieces of paper pinned with block placement by row and column… I do that too 🙂
    I’m with Mr QO in the loving snow dept, very happy we got some today. Making the most of it as I doubt we’ll get any more


  4. Your Smudge quilt, I know the mauve is on the design wall, but I do like that shade as a border, I think it outlines the blocks better than the pink ..just IMHO, in my humble opinion, but then I am not a pink person. And then a darker one to be the very outside??? It looks super now it is finished, the placing of the lighter ones is perfect. Cheers from Jean.


  5. If you look carefully at the bottom left-hand corner of the Baxter photo you can just make out a cartoon character in an orange frame. It’s the character Rotten from the animated film Witch’s Night Out which I voiced. It’s been a popular show for quite some time.


  6. Memories is looking wonderful. I see many more “S’s” now… they look so much more prounounced to me now that the blocks are sewn together. You’ve done a super job with this quilt.
    “Hello, Baxter!” Missy and I are waving at you! YOu are such a handsom guy, but then you know that, right?!


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