More Harlequin Pastel Winding Ways


Over the holiday, I organized the Winding Ways shapes so that each 4.5″ block is now ready to stitch. There are four stacks of shapes waiting to be made into blocks in the box. Having them all organized makes it so easy to just pick up the box and start stitching another few blocks.


And a few more blocks were stitched to add to the pile of completed ones.


While the design wall was taped up, I put the finished blocks up. I can tell that when all the blocks are done the design wall will be up for a few days while I play with the layout.


It was another really mild day with more to come. I think this weather is making Baxter think it’s spring.


He was back up on the top level of the kitty tree. He loves to sit up there and watch everything that’s going on both inside and outdoors. There’s not much for him to see outside now, although the squirrels are still racing around the tree branches.

7 thoughts on “More Harlequin Pastel Winding Ways

  1. I like the red, blue, purple, green one you have on the top of the pile of completed blocks. This will make an interesting quilt.
    I’m sure Baxter loves seeing the squirrels, and he’s making the most of being able to see them without the leaves in the way


  2. This is my all time favorite picture of Baxter. He is so beautiful, God is the author of all beauty. Thank you for sharing him with us.


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