A New Project

Well, I didn’t really mean to vanish for two weeks. So what have I been doing? Well, for starters, my printer’s been very busy printing lots and … … and lots … … and lots of shapes. First for six … Continue reading

Grow Your Blog Event

Vicki at 2 Bags Full is hosting the Grow Your Blog event. There are over 400 bloggers participating, a lot of them with giveaways.  What a fun way to discover some blogs that are new to you! My name’s Cathi … Continue reading

More Harlequin Pastel Winding Ways

Over the holiday, I organized the Winding Ways shapes so that each 4.5″ block is now ready to stitch. There are four stacks of shapes waiting to be made into blocks in the box. Having them all organized makes it … Continue reading

More 2013 Projects

One of the PIBs that I am determined to finish in 2013 is the Drunkard’s Path quilt made with the 2″ units. With that in mind, I stitched another 39 of them and now am down to needing only 154 … Continue reading

Four Little Quilt Tops

First up, the little tumbler star table runner that finishes at 12 x 48. I’m Not sure exactly how I’ll quilt this one, but it’s going to be pretty basic.

Second, the 24″ square tumbler star doll quilt. This one is going to be quilted, I think, to emphases the stars.

Third, China Plates. I think I’m going to do straight line quilting through the middle of the hexagons.

The fourth is the pink and red Winding Ways that finishes at 27″. I’m going to quilt to emphasize the circle effect. This one I should have done before now. It would be great  to have this one hanging around Valentine’s Day. Next year it will be!

All of them have the batting cut and ready and I’ll get the backings and bindings ready for them on Friday. I’m going to baste some temporary muslin borders on each of the four so that they’re large enough to put in the hoop and I can get right to the edges, although I may do the table runner without a hoop. I think that will work as long as I baste it well enough.

Why have I got all 4 of them out? Because I really want to get back to hand quilting the Ferris Wheel quilt, but would like to use these tops as my warm-up quilts.

Last night I designed yet another quilt in EQ but that’s it for a while. I need more stitching time! I’m almost three-quarters of the way through making one of the pieced borders for Scrappy Star. Once I get that done and added to the main body of the quilt, I’ll decide whether it needs the final pieced border I was thinking of adding.

Baxter is 10 months old today. He’s growing so fast now that we’re seeing changes in him almost daily and his silver markings are starting to show more and more.

A Trio of Spring Winding Ways Blocks

After seeing the circle almost appearing with six blocks done, I was determined to put together three more in order to see the full effect. These three were added to the group.

Then I laid them out together. I’m thrilled with how this is going to look. It will be fun arranging the blocks once they’re all done and watching the circles appear.

Tuesday was yet another gray and rainy day, but another mild one. We just saw our long-range forecast and it looks like it’s staying mild for the next couple of weeks.

Last night when I was stitching, I left my small scissors on the end table for a minute. The protective cover was on them. I turned around and Baxter had them, by the handles, in his mouth and was about to make off with them. As soon as he saw me looking at him, he dropped them. I wonder where he would have hidden them – probably with Mr. Q.O.’s pens.

Later he was reclining on the loveseat with his paws crossed. Mr. Q.O. grabbed the camera and we were lucky to get this shot as he moved seconds later. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “The Lounge Lizard.”

Winding my Way to Spring

Making these little 4.5 blocks is absolutely irresistible. So another two were added to the group. I love how quickly they go together and I definitely get my curved piecing fix stitching them.

I laid out the six that were done and can already tell that I’m going to love this quilt when it’s done. But it may be quite some time before I reach that point.

There are three quilt tops very near to completion. And two patterns that I’m in the midst of writing. And Ferris Wheel, which I’m slowly working on hand quilting. My goal is to have Ferris Wheel finished before the end of February. The binding fabric is ready, the label is made. So all that’s left is for me to get that hand quilting finished!

We had an unbelievably mild day on Monday, although it rained and rained. I half expected to see a robin on the roof garden this morning as January has been so mild that I’m almost convinced we’ll see spring start in February.

Baxter has decided that his kitty bed is a nice spot to curl up for an afternoon snooze or keep his eye on the toy basket. For some reason, he loves little paper cups and will roll them around on the floor for hours.