Pastel Winding Ways

Another project box got pulled out over the past year. I couldn’t remember what was in it so when I opened it to find four stacks of pieces for 4.5″ Winding Ways blocks I was thrilled! I like these small ones but I can’t wait to play with the 3″ Winding Ways Inklingo collection that is going to be released sometime soon. I’m already thinking of what fabrics might be just perfect for it – tiny blocks in which every seam involves curved piecing? The perfect fit for me!!

There was a little stack of completed blocks as well.

I laid out a few of them just to get an idea how they’re going to look when put together. I love this look but can just imagine the hours it’s going to take to lay these out when it’s time to put them all together!

Each of the four little stacks of pieces for blocks is about the same height. They each have the pieces for somewhere between 12 and 15 blocks.

Baxter has a little velvet cushion on which he likes to sit.

13 thoughts on “Pastel Winding Ways

  1. Cathi, all I can say about these is “Pretty, Pretty, Pretty” and that picture of Baxter is just handsome. Glad to see you are back, it’s always good to see wht projects you have on the go and very reassuring that I’m not the only one with more than 4 projects (in my case 10+) on the go at any one time. 😉
    P.s. I have changed my email not as excentric as I was (only in emails the rest hasn’t changed!)


    • Oh, no!! When it comes time to lay them out, I’m going to have them either on a makeshift design wall or will lay them out in a room with the door closed! He’d make off with a block or two!!

      Cathi Sent from my iPhone


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    • Thank you! I have a feeling I’m going to find I’ve got another Winding Ways project on the go as soon as the 3” size is released as I won’t be able to resist it!

      Cathi Sent from my iPhone



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