Hexagon of Hexagons

This is another of the projects I’ve been working on – a hexagon of hexagons. Right now it’s a hexagon but it will evolve into something else. I haven’t got anything specifically planned — yet. So I’ll just keep adding rounds until it gets to a certain size and then decide where to go with it next. As of right now it measures 11.5″from top to bottom and 13″ from side to side.   

The back of it after grading the seams and pressing. With this many tiny pieces, grading the seams will make a huge difference to the eventual weight of it. I finger press as I go and then iron after I’ve finished adding each round. 

It all began back in the fall. I was going to have carpal tunnel surgery on both hands (about six weeks apart) and knew I needed an easy to sew project for after the surgery. Out came lots of the project boxes and I knew, when I looked in this box with almost two full layers of the tiny hexagons, that this was definitely the right project. I was involved in a swap of .50″ hexagons printed with Inklingo but had never quite settled on what I wanted to do with them. I think there will be a few quilts made with these little gems. For this all I needed to do was print a few sheets of .50″ hexagons on a white fabric as I decided on a plain white for the alternate rounds.

I move a number of them to this smaller box to use when adding rounds. 

For scale, I put a dime on one of the little hexagons..

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to sew after the surgery – long before the stitches were out, in fact. I’m so glad I got the surgery done – my handwriting immediately improved and I can write my name or hold a book now without my hands going numb. Baxter’s quite glad I did too as his brushing sessions were getting shorter and shorter as my hand would go numb while holding the brush.

Even though he looks rather rumpled in this photo, he now gets brushed daily for as long as he wants.  


11 thoughts on “Hexagon of Hexagons

  1. Your work is absolutely beautiful! I really missed seeing your posts for awhile. I can’t wait to see what you do with your hexagon of hexagons. I am sure whatever it is it will be fantastic.


  2. After this last year, we all look rumpled!
    Your ‘plate of hexies’ looks like Easter jelly beans or maybe Easter cookies. I’m surprised your doctor allowed stitching, but I do know the joy of being pain-less after carpal tunnel surgery. It has been 22 yrs since I had my R hand done, but I’m thinking it might be time to talk to someone about the L one.


  3. Hugh had both his wrists for that done at the same time, it was so difficult for him to do anything. Then later he had to have further surgery for the same problem furthewr up one arm.Love all your hexagons, this will be a beauty.


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