Review: Photowall Canvas Print

There’s a huge pink peony on the wall in the hallway. A massive pink peony.

It all came about as I was approached by Photowall last year to do a review of one of their products – a wall mural, wallpaper, a framed or unframed print or a canvas print. As intrigued as I am by the idea of a wall mural, it was the thought of what we’d have to do (taking down old wallpaper) before putting one up that made a large canvas print much more appealing.

I spent hours and hours looking at the canvas prints available on the Photowall site. The choices seemed endless and made it very difficult to pick out the one I wanted! But finally I did – after looking at the pink peony print over and over again it was obvious that I was really drawn to it. Which is, I know, no surprise to anyone who has read my blog for any length of time – it’s pink, my favourite colour, and it’s a peony, my favourite flower.

If you want to buy any of the Photowall products, keep reading as there’s a code at the end of the post that gives a 25% discount to my readers and that’s good until April 20, 2021.

Once ordered, the print and inside framing kit was here in what seemed like no time. I ordered it on a Tuesday and it arrived here in Canada on the following Sunday.  From Sweden.  By courier.  That was impressive as could be.

Two long skinny boxes arrived containing the print and frame/hardware.  Of course, I totally forgot to take pictures of those boxes in my excitement to start putting the print on the frame.

I chose to have the canvas print with the print on the edge of the frame as I love the look of a picture that wraps around the sides.

The Photowall frame makes it easy to assemble the print without the need for any tools other than a hammer. The frame arrived with everything needed for assembly, including this mounting hanger.

It also came with written instructions that were super easy to follow but I watched this video as well, just to be sure as I didn’t want to make a mistake.

The most important thing was to have a hard surface on which to work. It was so easy to attach the four pieces of the interior frame to the back of the canvas following the instructions and video that I couldn’t quite believe it!

The four frame pieces come with pre-drilled holes as well as the corner brackets and screws to join them. I’m very impressed with how easy it was to tighten the screws. Had I not done one of these myself I’d not believe just how simple it is.

We hadn’t quite finished tightening all the screws before we took this photo – we were in a race to get this done before it started to get dark. After tightening, the canvas is quite taut.

We decided to try it in the bedroom as well as the hallway. It is a large print – almost 40″ x 60″ and I love it!

Would I order other prints? Definitely! I already have ideas – just looking at some of the sunrise and sunset images is giving me an idea!

I’m very impressed with the quality of the Photowall product and I still can’t get over just how easy it was to attach the frame to the back of the canvas print!

There’s a 25% discount on any of the Photowall products purchased that’s valid until April 20th, 2021. Just choose the type you want, the size and the image and use this code:


Be prepared to spend some time looking at all the images available. It’s almost impossible to pick just one! And you can also send one of your own photos to have made into a print, wallpaper, wall mural or canvas print.

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