Mini Winding Ways Variation Done

It’s 9″ by 12″ and I absolutely love how it turned out! It’s destined be a Christmas gift but I’m pretty convinced that I want to make a lap quilt using these fabrics. This was made using the 3″ Inklingo Winding Ways collection. I’m thinking if I do make the lap quilt, I may use the 4.5″ size instead — although maybe not. These little 3″ blocks were pure bliss to piece as every seam involved curved piecing and each block seemed to be done very quickly. So I’m thinking a lap quilt made up of the tiny blocks would be a lot of fun piecing. Thankfully I don’t have to decide for quite some time as there are lots of other projects I need to finish first before I even think about starting it.

I couldn’t resist taking this photo. As I was making the piece, I kept holding it up to the light because I was fascinated by this almost stained glass effect. Of course I did that and then promptly forgot to photograph the back before I put it with the backing and batting and got it ready to quilt.

I need to make at least two more mini quilts like this for Christmas gifts, but I’ve yet to decide on the design. One or two of them may have little stars. One might be a Drunkard’s Path design. Or maybe tiny clamshells. It’s going to be fun figuring that out and getting those done. I’d like to have them finished before mid-October.

Since I last posted we’ve had one heatwave, then a few days of cooler weather and now it’s back to a heatwave. We’re going to need gills to breathe if this humidity keeps up!

Baxter is staying nice and cool inside.

12 thoughts on “Mini Winding Ways Variation Done

    • Thank you! I am looking forward to seeing it at the recipient’s home after Christmas as I think the fabrics really work with her living room decor. I’m somewhat prejudiced — but have to admit I think Baxter is gorgeous too!




  1. I’ a new follower and just discovered inklingo… I have yet to print or purchase because I MUST complete the paper pieced project I am working on and cannot decide what pattern or size I want to start with anyway…. I am leaning towards this beautiful winding ways and I happen to have to beautiful pieces of fabric that I’ve been saving for something just like this. Is this a difficult patter for a newbie? Those curves!?!?! I am assuming that you hand pieced this? Stunning, just stunning…. one thing for sure, my excitement about trying this is keeping my paper pieced project just flying!!!


    • Inklingo is wonderful – you can’t go wrong with it for any design! If you like curved piecing, Winding Ways is definitely not difficult – the curves are very gentle and are wonderful to piece. I did hand piece this one. It’s the tiniest size and goes together very quickly. I’m impressed that you have the self-control to not start an Inklingo project until you get the paper-pieced one done!


  2. A very pretty quilt Cathi. The recipient is a very lucky person. I am definitely in love with Baxter. He’s such a beautiful majestic cat.


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