Setting the New York Beauty Blocks


A couple more of the New York Beauty blocks were made and pressed and yesterday morning the temporary design wall was taped back up. Then the fun began. This was the first layout. The lime corner of the 3rd block in the third row was standing out a bit too much, so that block was taken apart and put back together with a different corner.


Then the second layout. Now the lime large arc in the 4th block in the fourth row was standing out. A little more taking apart and stitching was undertaken.


The third layout. Almost there this time, but the two light blue large arcs in the 3rd and 4th blocks in the fifth row needed to be moved so that they weren’t side by side.


The final layout. There were others between the third and this one, but if I showed them all this post would go on forever. The blocks are now all labelled with their placement and are ready to be stitched together. This is going to finish at 36″ by 42″. I’m thinking that I won’t add a border but the final decision on that will be made when the blocks are joined.

Because  I want to make sure that everything lines up perfectly, I’m going to join the blocks by hand and probably fairly soon as I’d love to see this top completed quickly. That way I can get started on the next NYB top.

And once more I realized just how valuable a digital camera is. I could see problem areas when looking at pictures of the block layouts on the computer screen much faster than I could when looking at the blocks on the design wall.


Baxter donned his instructor’s sweater again and gave a class on using a design wall, pointing out the identical arcs to his kitty pals.


It was mild yesterday and we had the windows open for a while. Baxter was enjoying the view from his top perch on the kitty tree.

16 thoughts on “Setting the New York Beauty Blocks

  1. Looks fabulous. Another trick is to turn photos to black and white to check for the balance. Getting rid of the color lets you see just the dark and light and see if things are spread out across the quilt top. I love the mix of fabrics you are using. Wow.


  2. Another tip is to take your picture, then look at it in black and white with the colour removed – you can see the balance of lights and darks that way. Baxter, you are such a helpful kitty!


  3. Cathi, I have been anticipating this moment since I first saw your NYB quilt blocks, the blocks have come together for a spectacular quilt. Thank you for sharing it. I want to be you when I grow up, amazing.


  4. Your layout is beautiful! I appreciate the black and white suggestion. I will try it when I put together my one block wonder.
    I can’t wait to see your NYB quilt completed.


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