Diamonds and More Diamonds


You’ve seen this box before. It’s jammed full of 1″ 60-degree diamonds that I’ve printed on fabrics and that I received in various Inklingo swaps. (As an aside, that’s one of the bonuses of Inklingo – you know that any shapes you get in a swap are going to be perfect every time.)


I’ve made tons of little stars with these diamonds and it seemingly hasn’t made a dent in the number of them — and that is only one of the boxes. There’s another one just as jammed full of diamonds. I opened the box during the holidays, thinking I’d make a few more stars. I made one and decided I wanted to do something else. That was after I’d finished making the 2″ Drunkard’s Path units as I seem to have to have a project that involves small pieces on the go at all times and the 1″ diamonds fit the bill perfectly.

Then I saw a tumbling block quilt on a blog. Sorry, now I can’t remember which blog. So I decided to start making tumbling blocks with some of the diamonds using a white in all the blocks. In just a few minutes, I had 100 or so of the diamonds printed on a white-on-white fabric and was ready to stitch. They stitch up so quickly that it’s easy to have a stack of them done in next to no time.


In fact, all of these were done almost as an afterthought most evenings when I was working on New York Beauty blocks or other projects. After finishing a NYB or other block, I’d still want to stitch but perhaps not start another NYB or whatever it was I was working on.


Then I’d take a little trio of diamonds from this box (yes, it’s a new PIB) and would have 5 or 10 or 15 of the little tumbling blocks done in no time.


They’re addictive to stitch. Very, very addictive to stitch. And it’s such fun to see a little group of them finished.


A few quick snips with the scissors and the seams are graded. I finger press as I make them, so just take a pile to the ironing board and press them every few days.

After reading yesterday’s comments and looking at the photo of all the NYB blocks, I decided to make a few more and make the first NYB top with both the Monet and Tiffany Lamp blocks together. I’ll get them all back up on the design wall today and hopefully have the placement figured out and pictures for tomorrow.


Baxter donned his sportscaster outfit whilst covering the R.A. Dickey press conference for Kat TV Sports yesterday. Baseball season can’t start soon enough for us!


After all that excitement, he crashed. Not in a nice comfy, soft kitty bed though. No, he had to crash on the rough scratching surface of the Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher.

11 thoughts on “Diamonds and More Diamonds

  1. It is so good to have you back after your blogging break! My days are now normal with quilt pieces and kitty smiles to start the day! Your tumbling blocks are wonderful…perfect plan for some instant gratification!


  2. Nice idea for the little 1″ diamonds. I have a huge stash of these… so many they barely fit in a big shoe box! lol.
    It’s so nice to wake up and see one of your posts waiting in my email inbox. It’s kinda hard getting back into the blog-swing again isn’t it? Maybe the rest of us will catch up by February! lol
    Love the pic of Baxter. Isn’t it amazing where and how they decide to nap sometimes?! There’s never a dull moment if one’s house has a resident kitty!


  3. Baxter the little druggy, making sure he’s getting his fix even while sleeping… šŸ™‚
    Love all the little diamonds. It’s not helping me tamp down the diamond fever, but I must be strong šŸ™‚


  4. There’s just No stopping you is there? Now I’m just jealous. I got out of bed today and am soon going back – Tahh dahh.. LOL
    As I’ve said…your inspiring.


  5. I like this quilt a lot. It made me think about colour (well, I think about colour a lot of the time anyway); I was thinking that it would be interesting to make the tumbling blocks with all the upper faces the same colour range, the right faces another range and the left faces a third range. One could use primary colours or . . . ok, I’ll quit now. I could go on about colour forever! As a matter of fact, one of the first things I fell in love with on your blog was the NYB blocks. I showed the pictures to my Mum and she loves them, too. She’s nearly 90, but still loves to do handwork. Hope I’m like her when I get there! Thanks again. Your blog always gives me something to think about. ~ Linne


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