New York Beauty Progress


Two more rows added to the New York Beauty top and three left to go. It took me about 3 hours to add the two rows, so I’m thinking that sometime Wednesday evening the last row will be sewn on and the quilt top will be finished.

I’m glad I decided to join them by hand, as I’m really enjoying this stitching. That said, I can’t wait until it’s finished. I’m already planning the next NYB quilt top.


The weather is much cooler after our gloriously mild weekend. Seems the snowbirds made their way to a sunny, much warmer place.


One of Baxter’s favourite spots – by his food and water bowls.

10 thoughts on “New York Beauty Progress

  1. Yes! happy crazy weather, lol. WOW! WOW! WOW! Your NY Beauty is gorgeous and the brightest thing on my page this morning! Love it! I need to make one!!! grin!


  2. NYB is really glowing, now that the blocks are going together! Baxter I hope you remembered your sunscreen, and a hat….don’t want to get burnt, do you? Love the ‘please feed me, I’m starving” photo.


  3. I have been peeking in at your blog for a little while now, but just had to tell you how much I love your New York Beauty blocks. They are just gorgeous–don’t make me chose between the 2 colorways, because I like them both the same. I love to piece by hand, but it does seem to take awhile to get a large chunk of progress–but the precision is worth the time it takes. Hi Baxter–love your fur colors–such a handsome young cat!!


  4. Words fail me when I look at these colours! One of my favourite things, and you use them so well. Thanks for sharing. I love to come here; it always makes me feel good. ~ Linne


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