Tiffany Lamp New York Beauty Top Finished


The New York Beauty top is now finished. It finishes at 36″ x 42″. Just after I had finished stitching the last row on, I held it up with light behind it and it was like looking at a stained glass window. While I had thought the Tiffany Lamp NYB quilt would be one made with only those blocks containing oranges and reds, this really reminds me of a Tiffany-style lampshade we had when I was growing up. So this one is going to be named my Tiffany Lamp quilt. It was entirely hand pieced and will be hand quilted.

I used all three of the Inklingo New York Beauty collections for the various blocks. Printing the templates on to the back of my fabrics and then being able to just mix and match made it so much fun. I have a tentative plan that’s just starting to take shape for another NYB quilt. For that one I know I’ll use some blocks made with the alternative corners to add another effect. There are tons of variations I can play with using all three collections. These blocks have it all, as far as I’m concerned – super spiky points, curved piecing and loads of opportunities for continuous stitching. I can envision making more than a few NYB quilts using these three collections.

Now that I have that top finished, I’m allowing myself to contemplate starting a new quilt top. There are a couple of ideas floating around in my mind that have been tempting me for the past couple of weeks, but I was determined not to start anything new until I got this top finished.

Sketch 2013-01-16 03_13_38wtmk

Seems Baxter decided he was going to make a New York Beauty block and was working with some shapes on his own design wall.


There are still squirrels to be seen, so he spends some time stretched out on the windowsill.

23 thoughts on “Tiffany Lamp New York Beauty Top Finished

  1. Cathi, dazzlingly beautiful. All hand pieced too. I am always fascinated by the effect of a back lite quilt in all it’s stages. Even with batting and backing a quilt shows another dimension when lite from behind.
    The beauty you’ve created inspires more beauty. Thank you.


  2. Cathi, that is just FABULOUS!!! I have been wondering what I can work on lately but have not been inspired by anything I see…till this morning when I read your blog (which I am very behind on doing!)….wow! That’s just gorgeous! I ran to my closet to find my 4 NYB’s that I stitched last fall. Okay, now I know what I want to work on…thanks for your ever-inspiring talent and for sharing what you do!
    Hugs, Susan


  3. It glows!! How fun to see it all come together…the sum of the parts is amazing!! And the picture of Baxter
    is wonderful…so much personality in his expressions!


  4. Cathi; that is an incredible piece of art, three dimensional and just brilliant! You must be tickled pink? Show it off, show it to family, friends, show it to strangers, show to anyone who will look!
    Baxter is looking a rather proud sort isn’t he? Good for him on your behalf.


  5. This is gorgeous, Cathi! I’m a new inklingoer so enjoy seeing all your creations. While I don’t yet have this collection, I might just have to buy it soon! Like to see your Baxter and your cartoon creations as well – would make great appliqué projects!


  6. It’s stunning, Cathi, and it does look like a beautiful Tiffany lamp. I love the way you mixed up the NYB blocks, and the colors are gorgeous. The top is a spectacular example of hand piecing at its best . . . Take note, all you quilters who think NYB has to be paper pieced!


  7. Fabulous quilt! I think you have captured the essence of Tiffany glass lamps with your use of colors. You are going have some competition though, once Baxter gets going on his NYB blocks 😉


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