Triangles and Star Points


I’ve seen a pattern being made on a few blogs using star points and equilateral triangles. As I had a few of the blue star points left over from my blue and white Texas Star quilt and some white triangles that had been previously printed, I decided to try one of the blocks during the Christmas holiday break. I liked it and this was one of the ideas I’ve wanted to play with.


Yesterday I picked out a few batiks for this. Some of the ones in this photo have been removed as the scraps I had left of them weren’t large enough, but others have been substituted. I ironed a few of them on to freezer paper, fed them through the inkjet printer and printed the .75″ star points and equilateral triangles Β and started to play. For these I used Inklingo Shape Collection 3, one of the collections that is on CD and is probably the best value for money imaginable – there are loads and loads of shapes on the CD.


Six of the blocks were hand pieced in next to no time. I have no real plan for this, other than making as many as I think I need for a small quilt and then setting them together. The block finishes as a 3.75″ equilateral triangle. Once there are more blocks done with more colours I think it will really start to be fun.


Seams graded and pressed.


Baxter was busy at his design board trying to figure out how to make this block.


Earlier in the day he was sitting up on the top level of his kitty tree, observing.

12 thoughts on “Triangles and Star Points

  1. Baxter looks like he is a bit confused on this particular project of the day! πŸ™‚ Cappy better be careful that he doesn’t use him as a pin cushion.
    But the real one is so cool looking with his great white beard! You could call him Baxter Claus!


  2. Your blue texas star quilt is one of my favourites. I was eyeing it the other day while my thoughts were running over what fabric I have upstairs. Down, overenthusiastic quilt planning part of my brain, down! πŸ™‚
    I’ll just watch you play with them instead πŸ™‚


  3. Ah… another piecing maniac! I have just redescovered foundation piecing, and am doing heart mug rugs and T-pot mats, … Can’t seem to get enough, bargello, stargello, seminole… you name it… Even Paper piecing!

    I love your triangles and (if its ok with you) might just have a go at that too πŸ˜‰


  4. Once again you’ve made me want to print up my stash and start another project! Love what you’ve made, what size scraps did you use? I see Baxter has Cappy near by…is that a new favourite toy beside him?


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