Some Yin Yang Fun

This was a productive weekend. I took apart the Memories of Smudge top, pressed the blocks again and made the extra blocks to add a sixth row. I’m going to be playing for a while with the layout, arranging the … Continue reading

Memories of Smudge V.S. Progress & A Small Victory

The blocks are now all sewn together into rows. The rows will be sewn together and the centre of the quilt completed by the end of the weekend. And now I’m seriously considering what kind of border treatment to add. … Continue reading

Memories of Smudge V.S.

What does the V.S. stand for? Either Memories of Smudge – Very Smudge or Memories of Smudge Very Special. In the final layout, there is the V as well as lots and lots of S’s.  And that’s where the idea … Continue reading

Three More Memories of Smudge

I’m getting very close to being finished making the Memories of Smudge blocks. The sixth-last one. The fifth-last one. And the fourth-last one done. The third-last is already three-quarters finished and, as there are only two more left to stitch, … Continue reading

Memories of Smudge Progress

Since the playoffs began Friday, I’ve been stitching nothing but Memories of Smudge blocks. By Sunday night, there were six more done, pressed and seams graded. The first one. The second. The third. The fourth. The fifth. The sixth. And … Continue reading