Memories of Smudge In Progress

What a struggle it has been to figure out the block placement now that I’ve added  a measly 5 more blocks to the equation! I think I’m going to forget trying for the “V” effect and just have some lovely cream S’s showing up throughout the quilt. At this point I’ve spent hours arranging the blocks, rearranging them and then rearranging them again. This is where it was at last night when I gave up for the evening. The top left corner needs a little work as I think it’s too dark and the block that’s part of the cream S on the right needs to be turned so that it does form an S. I’ll work on it some more this afternoon and see if I can finally get this to the point I can start joining the blocks again.

Last night our ISP/cable provider again had problems. As I tend to write my blog post late at night and schedule it to post in the morning, I couldn’t even get that done.

There seems to be a blockbuster trade in the works that is bringing a ton of talent to the Blue Jays. So last night we were reading everything we could find on the internet about it and that inspired today’s Baxtertoon. Baxter and his kitty baseball player friends are all excited about next year now with this trade.

After all that excitement, he had to relax, sprawled out in his kitty bed.

7 thoughts on “Memories of Smudge In Progress

  1. I like the layout but agree with the left side being a little dark. Love Baxter stretched out in his bed. My Cocoa curls himself into a bed that is for a much smaller cat, but he loves being snug. He makes plenty of biscuits getting it into just the right shape.


  2. I think I must have missed something, LOL…. last thing I knew you had the top together and was putting the borders on. What happened… hmmm think I’ll go take a looky back. Love the Baxtertoon, so funny!


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