A Few More UFOs/PIBs

While cleaning up the sewing area and while the design wall was empty before I started working on the Memories of Smudge layout, I decided it was time to document some of the other UFOs that are lurking in the background.

The hexagon strips. There are 31 more long strips of hexagons to add to the 7 already joined. This doesn’t qualify as a PIB as the long strips are already sewn together and just need to be joined. So the long strips of hexagons are hanging in the closet, out of kitty reach. It takes about 3 hours to attach each strip to the others. If I were really diligent and worked on nothing else — like that’s going to happen — I could maybe finish this top by year’s end. But I think the more realistic goal would be to maybe add 5 or 6 more of the strips to the 7 already joined between now and the end of the year and then work at it a bit each month. This has languished far too long.

The shabby chic Joseph’s Coat. This is a PIB as I have the melons and background pieces all cut and in a box, just waiting for some attention.

The bright 9-patches on point. I decided to put all the ones that are done up on the wall. There are another 100 or so waiting to have their triangles added. This will be a favourite quilt when it’s done – so bright and cheerful.

The first four units to form a 6″ Hunter’s Star block in the French General fabrics are done. These aren’t joined as I am going to keep making them until they’re all done and then will play with block placement. This is a definite PIB as everything for it is in one box.

All of these, and virtually every quilt project on my blog, were made with various Inklingo shape collections by printing the templates on to the back of my fabrics using an ordinary inkjet printer. Without Inklingo, I doubt I would have even attempted a few of them. The hexagon strips are being made using hexagons from a swap on the Inklingo list a few years ago. If you want to see all the Inklingo shape collections currently available as well as some of those that have been requested, take at look at the Smart Shopper’s Idea Book.

Yesterday was an odd day. When I left to go to an appointment, it was quite mild and sunny. By the time I was through, it was raining and the temperature was dropping. By evening, it was quite cool. With the big change in weather came a migraine, the second in 3 days.

Baxter went to see the play last night and was bitten by the theatre bug. Seems he has his own little theatre with an audience for his performances.

He is spending a lot of time on the windowsill, watching the leaves. I love hearing the thumps when he hits the window with a paw, trying to catch one of those leaves flying by.

5 thoughts on “A Few More UFOs/PIBs

  1. Hope the weather pressure changes and your migraines disappear! While waiting for “Sandy”…I thought my head would burst! Just no fun!!! Your UFO’s are exciting…always fun to see what is in the wings!!! Big hugs…feel better soon!!!


  2. Your PIB’s / projects always cheer me up. I love all the fresh color especially when combined with white. Baxter is so beautiful I could just hug him!!!!

    Get better from the migraine.


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