Three More Memories of Smudge

I’m getting very close to being finished making the Memories of Smudge blocks.

The sixth-last one.

The fifth-last one.

And the fourth-last one done.

The third-last is already three-quarters finished and, as there are only two more left to stitch, I have high hopes of finishing them tonight.

Thanks to a comment from yesterday, I am now on the hunt for a cheap vinyl tablecloth with a flannel backing. That will serve as a temporary design wall just fine. We’re going to head to the dollar stores today and see if we can find one. Then the fun begins as I play with the blocks, trying to make sure the same fabric doesn’t end up beside itself. That will, I think, take a while to sort out and will probably involve a lot of photos as I find I see things on the computer screen in a photo that I don’t necessarily notice when staring at the blocks themselves.

Once the last of the Memories of Smudge blocks are done I think I’ll go back to working on the Stormy Seas blocks. They were second in the poll and that is a quilt top I’d love to get together sooner than later.

That said, I’m starting to plan a Memories of Lester and Max quilt. Lester was a red tabby Maine Coon and Max a cream tabby Maine Coon, so I think I’m going to make an orange and cream/white quilt in memory of them. I’m going to start looking for an orange fabric for this. Looks like it will be another two-colour quilt, but this time orange and cream/white. I haven’t quite settled on a design, although I have a few ideas. Think I’ll play with some design ideas in EQ and see if I can settle on a design.

Baxter is in the Baxter Blimp so he can watch and report on the baseball games.

It’s pretty tiring work. He has to rest up in between games.

8 thoughts on “Three More Memories of Smudge

  1. Looks like you’re down to the finish on the Smudge quilt! Nicely done!
    I love the Baxter blimp, he sure gets around. And who is Baxter rooting for in the games?


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