Memories of Smudge Progress

Since the playoffs began Friday, I’ve been stitching nothing but Memories of Smudge blocks. By Sunday night, there were six more done, pressed and seams graded.

The first one.

The second.

The third.

The fourth.

The fifth.

The sixth.

And the back of one of them after pressing and grading the seams.

Each block is made up of four of these shapes. I can’t imagine trying to make these blocks with anything but Inklingo that prints the template right on to the back of the fabric. If you enlarge this photo, you can see all the matching points that are printed on — and they are, without a doubt, what makes stitching this block so much easier than it may appear. Pin one matching point at a time, stitch to the pin, move the pin to the next matching point, stitch to the pin again — from the beginning to the end of the seam.

Two more blocks have been done but aren’t pressed yet and now there are only four left to go. Then will come the fun of arranging the blocks. First though I’ve got to get a flannel sheet to tack to the wall and use as a temporary design wall. I know the arranging and rearranging is going to take some time. Waiting in the wings for an opportunity to get a lot done during the baseball playoffs is Stormy Seas. It would be fabulous if I could get the blocks for both quilts finished before the playoffs end.

Baxter’s got a natural favourite team in the playoffs as they’re his big “cousins” — the Tigers! He even has a little tiger suit to wear.

He was very busy Monday watching leaves fly by the window. He was pretty happy to relax once it got dark.

8 thoughts on “Memories of Smudge Progress

  1. These blocks are so beautiful Cathi. Why dont you just get a cheao, vinyl tablecloth with fuzzy backing?!?! Thats what the gals were using at qov retreat here, worked great.


  2. Cathi, Is the pattern you used for the Memories of Smudge – Yin Yang – available. I cannot find it in your Patterns section. Thanks, Judy Bankson


    • There is no pattern as I’m still in the process of making the quilt. I am using the Inklingo Yin Yang collection to print the shapes on the back of my fabrics.

      There is a tutorial on piecing a Yin Yang shape that can be found on the tutorials page of my blog.


  3. Hello dear Cathi,
    I have been following your posts but have not been commenting but today I must as the blocks are just too lovely not to tell you! These are my favorite colors and the shapes really speak to me! GORGEOUS!
    I hope you are well and that you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend with your hubby and your baby, who has become such a big boy!


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